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BRU Madness

I am about to slap Babies R Us back to when honeys were wearing Sasoon’s.  We have a registry at BRU that has exploded to hell and I feel like going to their nearest location and giving them a piece of my mind.  I have my first baby shower this coming weekend and over the weekend I received several texts and calls saying that there is no registry for us at BRU – we happened to be heading up there yesterday so I thought I would check it out for myself and sure enough, nothing on file.  I asked the associate at our local store and she said they had regional outages for online registries over the weekend and that some were indeed wiped out, ours being one of them.  They told me they would restore it back to the last backup version and then would help us edit it if needed.  Long story short, they restored it but told me they couldn’t promise the registry would be “stable” and that I should consider moving the necessities to another store registry if I was concerned…

SERIOUSLY?  I will gladly move my registry to another store but it’s a little late for that now, isn’t it.  She offered us a 15% off coupon on one regularly priced item and I literally felt like exploding.  I’m sure a lot of people have good experiences with BRU but I am not one of them.  I should have known. 

This is only a minor annoyance and the weekend definitely brought far more good than bad.  I had a crazy idea for the nursery and my sweet husband made it happen - he is my favorite thing.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and if anyone wants to join me in mobbing BRU, please start making your protest signs NOW…

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Re: BRU Madness

  • Marchmellow2Marchmellow2
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    Oh no!!! That sucks!! I'm sorry. I'd be really upset with BRU! They owe you some coupons for the inconvenience!

    ETA: I mean a good sized gift card for the inconvenience . Your nursery is adorable!

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  • MEP923MEP923
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    Love the nursery!!

    I had a small issue with BRU with my registry for DS1. I got a few gifts multiple times. All the people said that they either bought it online or used my registry in the store and let the cashier know. It wasn't a huge deal because I could bring the stuff back and use the credit for the stuff I still needed. I just felt bad opening up the same stuff over and over.



  • Super cute pictures! Love the arrow fabric...want my damn sheet from her like yesterday.
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  • Now THIS is the time to write a letter to corporate!  I know I would; and I don't do letters.

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    [Deleted User]Marchmellow2
  • I love your nursery! 

    Same company different country and they suck here too! 
  • I've had nothing but trouble with BRU also. The most recent problem was they decide to put a hold on my account for the total amount I ordered, then hold the amount again as each individual item shipped. It worked itself out, but I would hate for someone else that might have a tight budget to have to deal with that!

    On a happier note.. Your nursery is adorable!!
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  • BRU is the worst.  I am actually surprised when I have a good experience there.

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  • Sorry about your bad luck with BRU, but seriously, OMG your nursery is gorgeous!!!
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  • Ugh that is soo frustrating! I wild be flipping out! I've heard bad things about BRU so we registered with Buy buy baby, but not everyone has them around.

    Your nursery is the cutest thing ever!!! I'm obsessed!! It's simply adorable, great job!


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  • I would be livid. I'm sorry you had to deal with all of this before your baby shower.

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  • I have been having trouble all weekend getting into/finding my registry as well. I think there is something going on with the main server. 15% on one item is a lap in the face BTW I would prob have gone all crazy pregnant lady on them and started to cry...
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  • I noticed the website was messed up b/c it interfered with my registry stalking over the weekend! My shower is next weekend too. I'm wondering if the problem still hasn't fully resolved, since not much has been bought off of it and the shower is less than a week away. I'm wondering if we'll get the same stuff in multiples. Oh well, they have to return if it's their fault. I'd be really mad if I were you though, I can't believe that happened!


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  • That sucks!  I would definitely write to corporate especially since that's a total insult that they offered you 15% a regular priced item when that is a promo they're running for the entire nation right now.

  • I am sorry BRU is being such a douche... That is a shitty situation, and I agree, it feels too late to try and remember all the important items you'd like to move to another store.  Do what you can remember and hope for the best.

    Also, I LOVE your project!  Wish I had that creative spark.
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  • Your nursery is beautiful!! Sorry about the BRU crap, my friend couldn't pull up my registry either.
    Welcome Lily Anna!
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  • I was heading to burn down stores ubtil I got caught last week. Not 1....but 2 cribs we registered for got discontinued. The 2nd one happend not even 24 hrs after I added it!
  • Everything about BRU is bad. I'm always shocked people shop there.
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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
  • jmb527jmb527
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    I hate BRU too. I admit to going there occasionally only because it's the only "baby" store we have that's not an hour+ drive.

    They are overpriced, their coupon policy sucks too.

    ETA: Love your nursery!
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