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NBR: Pear recipes?

My mom brought over a bunch of pears this weekend. We probably won't eat them so I was wondering if anyone had any good recipes that use pears. Thanks!

Re: NBR: Pear recipes?

  • I just made a pear pie that was delicious!  I pretty much just followed an apple pie recipe.

    Last year I made this pear upside down cake that was also very good, I think this was the recipe.

    Peeling, halfing and grilling them is also an easy and healthier use for them.
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  • You can freeze them too...Dice them up and put them in the freezer.  Not sure if you plan on making food for LO or not.  You freeze them raw in small portions....Then just thaw, cook, and serve to LO.  Mix it with cereal...you are set!

    Oh I never thought of that. We start solids on the later end, definitely not until. 6 mths so will it freeze ok for that long?
  • Pear tart - the Martha Stewart site has a good one. Also - I've made a nice pear cheesecake before if you're into that.

    Poached pears are also really good (don't worry about using wine, the alcohol in it evaporates when you cook it) - here's one recipe http://wine.about.com/od/howwineismade/r/poachedpears.htm

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  • We have a pear tree in our yard that produces tons of pears every other year. My favorite recipe is this pear and cranberry crisp:

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