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Pain around belly button and heaviness

Anyone else feeling this?

Re: Pain around belly button and heaviness

  • The heaviness I get when we're out for a walk, it feels like I'm carrying a bowling ball all of a sudden.
  • I totally feel like that right now!
  • UGH, especially at night when i'm laying down and trying to relax. Feels like GRAVITY IS SUCKING MY BELLY DOWN and displacing all my organs!!

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  • Yes for me too! It's so uncomfortable!
  • Yeah, my button hurts quite a bit. I thought it was just from coughing so much this past week but I think it's just resisting popping out. The OB nurse said it was totally normal. I honestly thought I had given myself a hernia from coughing!
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  • Oh yes!! Sneezing hurts, laying on my side hurts, I way 1,000 pounds!!
  • Ya girls this stinks:( This is my second child, never had this with my first. I actually have gained less this time too. I literally have like a basketball this time! I think that may be why. I hope
    The next nine weeks go by fast!
  • I put witch hazel on my belly button a few times a day and it kind of anesthetizes it -- try it!
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  • That's interesting, guess it wouldn't hurt.
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