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Do we really need this?

So my baby shower was on Saturday! So much fun! A couple things we didnt get I am going to get today. Is a first aid kit or grooming kit neccessary? Or should I just get a thermometer and nail clippers? And what is everyone's opinions on the diaper genie or the arm and hammer one? Thanks ladies!

Re: Do we really need this?

  • I think having a first aid kit is never a bad idea. A grooming kit is hit or miss, some of my friends have used every thing in there, others like me have not. So that's up to you. As for diaper genies I think they are a waste of money. A plain ole garbage can works great. No special bags required. We just would take out the stinky diapers and put them in the outside garbage. I would spen your money on something else.

  • When DH and I decided to become foster parents we got a "grooming kit" from the dollar store. It had the clippers and other random things that I am sooo blanking on right now. But if you don't wanna spend a bunch check out a nearby dollar store.

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  • We skipped both.

    We bought a thermometer and nail clippers. The hospital gave us a comb, which we still use. We didn't use a tooth brush in the first year, we just used a wash cloth to wipe off the teeth.

    I never missed anything in those two kits, so my vote would be to save money. You also get more choice over thermometers and there are a ton of bad ones out there.

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  • I could never figure out my diaper genie and therefore never used it. A cheap little trash can will work just fine. As for the grooming kit I would skip that too. You will need nail clippers and a soft brush. When the baby is first born you may also want a little nail file to do nails, I was told baby couldn't have his nails clipped for like the first month. I don't remember why.
    As for the first aid kit I'm not sure what's in the kit you are looking at but I know that in mine I used the thermometer and when DS was old enough to have a fever reducer I had a pacifier that allowed you to fill it with the correct dose. Also I would recommend some gas meds or the natural gripe water for when baby has an upset belly. I was able to use gripe water at 2 days old.
  • I really liked our arm & hammer when we used disposables. We lived in a multifamily and getting down to the big garbage can wasn't all that easy so it wasn't something we did daily. The arm & hammer really contained the smell, especially with all the newborn poop.

    I used the clippers, comb, and thermometer from the grooming/first aid kit but not much else. I think it'd be more worth it to build your own (including gas drops, nose frida, saline nose drops, and Tylenol).

  • As far as nail clippers go I used them once or twice up until DS's fingers got bigger.  One of the first times I used them (I bought the ones with the magnifying glass), I got some of DS's skin and cut his finger and felt so guilty.  After that I used my teeth to cut his nails.  I know it sounds nasty, but it was the only way I could be sure I wasn't going to cut him again.
  • I always used the thermometer the hospital sent me home with.  As for nail clippers, I just use the ones we use. 

    We also alwasy just put diapers in the trash can.  Never had a problem.

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    I just got the clippers, a thermometer and comb/brush set. I'll be doing a diaper pail b/c I'm lazy and don't want to take down the trash every day or every other day, especially when I'm working and well only change 4 diapers a day at home. Downstairs though I'll just use the kitchen trash, so not totally necessary.

    If you're going to skip out in these things and have a little extra money, invest in a really nice thermometer.

  • I intentionally didn't get one of the kits. Instead I got a brush, clippers, and first aid type stuff (safety qtips, cotton balls, Motrin/Tylenol, a rectal thermometer and covers, Vaseline) and put it in a $1 Rubbermaid bin in my linen closet so it's all together. Cheaper than the premade kits and has everything I really need. :)
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  • My grooming kit was all junk that didn't work. The nose sucker and thermometer from the hospital were the best. I got cheap baby nail clippers and a comb but my babies had no hair anyway. Did not have a diaper genie because nursery was on the first floor so I just took stinky diapers out and threw pee diapers in regular trash.
  • We skipped both with DD1. I just bought nail clippers, a brush, and took the nasal bulb from the hospital.

    As for the diaper pail, we use a small lidded trash can with grocery store plastic bags. We take it to the trash bin in our garage/outside each night so there's never a smell.
  • We just threw the diapers away in our regular trash can and took the trash out every night.  We never had problems with the smell.  Those genies are just a big waste of money.

    As for the grooming/first aid kits, we really only used the thermometer, nail clippers, and nose bulb.  We actually stole the nose bulb from the hospital and loved that one.  For medicines, I would make sure to have tylenol, gas drops, and gripe water on hand.

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    If your BF'ing the poopy diapers don't smell until they start on solids. A normal trash can is fine. The bulbs in the grooming kits stink. Just take the one from the hospital. Hands down the best one ever. We still use it from time to time with DS1. The nail clippers are good once your LO is older. Like a PP, I also just bit off DS' nails. Please don't use a rectal thermometer. You can puncture or push it in too far. Check under the armpit.
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