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Knowing that tomorrow is October already, I refused to get out of bed until I did a 'Work Day' countdown. Anybody else start slacking off and use a countdown to motivate?

Our last day before break is Dec 20. I'm due the 26th but have a funny feeling that I will be hospital bound shortly after work. Since I'm lucky enough to work Mon-Fri, I have 57 teaching days left! (Including today) I won't look at the countdown until next Monday so I feel more accomplished. Lesson plans are done, just need to put together artifacts for my portfolio and the rest is smooth sailing!

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  • Last week at work I made a "countdown til' my maternity leave" - each week, for the next 8 weeks I will pull a page away! I'm due 12/20 but my last day of work is 11/29.
  • I am working through December 31st unless I go early, so I have not started the countdown.  It still feels so far away.

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  • I'm counting down till I get my stitches out at 37 weeks :) 9 weeks to go, holy cow!
  • My work motivation level is swirling the bowl lately. My last day is the Monday before X-giving them I'm DONE!
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  • I Have been counting down for weeks already! Last day dec 14- due 30th. Still 11 wks to go.... Taking forever! Already mentally checked out!
  • My last day is also 11/29.  It is actually 11/27 because of Thanksgiving - we get that day and Friday off.  I have 43 work days left and I count down every single day.  I have had a countdown calendar going since May.  I am ready for a much needed break from this place - and by break, I mean a permanent break!  I am already mentally checked out as well.  I have been bustng my ass working ahead so that I can just kind of sit here and zone out the last couple of weeks :)

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  • I have about 23 days of work left.
  • I have 23 days of work to go until I go out on disability leave. Yay!
  • I am also due 12/26 but I have not decided yet if I will work up until I go into labor or if I will start maternity leave a couple days before my due date. Guess it all depends on how I feel leading up to it.


  • Thanks for the reminder.  I just filled out my calendar.  I've been counting by weeks but I only have 43 days (including today) left of work.  YES! 
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  • I'm working right up until labor (don't feel too bad for me; I work from home), so I'm essentially prepared to stop working November 7 (due date is 12/7), but am expecting to still be pregnant by 12/14.
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  • I am working until 12/6 due 12/9-30 weeks today! Someone last week said think of it as 10 more Mondays and now it is on my mind to do a real countdown. Not happy with my job at all!
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  • I just counted, I have 34 shifts left until baby is here (unless I actually work up until my due date, in which case it would be 36).  Thanks for inspiring me to count :)
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