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Wwyd re: breastfed baby w/ eczema & non-visible blood in poop (long)

I'm at a loss w/ DS. He's 8 weeks and EBF. Dd had MSPI until age 1 so I cut all dairy & soy 3 weeks before he was born. I haven't cheated ever once I cut something. Long story short he's on Zantac for reflux, I am currently not eating dairy, soy, citrus, & peanuts. Last week he started getting eczema on his face, upper back & shoulders. I had eaten a lot of coconut milk bc I made a pumpkin pie and made condensed coconut milk... So I cut coconut last wed to see if that was the problem. It Got worse. Now I've been gluten free since Friday aftn and eczema doesn't seem to be getting better and poop is still green & slimy. He's had poop blood test come back + at every ped appt since he was 2 weeks old. I don't know when to expect results... I feel like he should at least be a little better? I'm starting to get really frustrated with this diet. Is there anything an allergist can even do for him at this point? I have an appt w/ a naturopath this week for igg food sensitivity test (on myself-- leaky gut?) but from what I've read, antibodies won't show after elimination. I just feel like I don't know what else to try? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
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