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Too distracted to eat

My LO will be 17 wks and for the last 2 weeks her eating has really gotten bad. At first I thought it was a growth spurt or teething but now I just think she gets distracted when eating and wants to play vs. eat. She normally ate every 2.5hrs. Any advice on how to help her focus on eating? She is bottled fed during the week by dad so I'm thinking the nursing necklaces aren't going to work for us. TIA

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  • A few things to try!  First, know this is super common and can be overcome :)  Make sure daddy is using paced bottle feeding and the slowest flow nipple - she should have to work for the bottle like she has to at the breast.  Try nursing in a dark, quiet place.  And it doesn't hurt to try giving her a necklace or something to play with while nursing; daddy can use it too while bottle feeding so she has the association with that object and eating.  Also always nurse when she's sleepy!  Take advantage of pre- and post-nap times to nurse - a sleepy baby this age tends to nurse better.  You can also help your milk flow along with breast compressions.  And finally, even though it's frustrating, try to relax as being tense will slow your letdown.
  • Thank you both. Sunday I spent a lot time with her eating ...almost 45 mins-1 hr having her eat. Monday I let dad feed her 1 bottle and made sure he was in same environment I am when I feed her. Things are already getting better. She had 2 poopy diapers! Thanks again!
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  • White noise!! Whenever LO is fussing while eating I turn on some white noise with an app on my phone in airplane mode since so close to LO. Not too loud so she falls asleep but just loud enough so she chills out and focuses on eating. Works like a charm.
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