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Nothing is making any sence... My last cycle was July 30. I missed my cycle in August. I got a positive on a HPT on September 20, was confirmed by a doctor on the 21st and 25th. On Friday I went to the ER for light spotting and light cramping.. They done an ultrasound and said that I was only 5-6 weeks by the measurements they took of the baby but there was no heartbeat. My levels were 46,211... I'm not understanding all of this...

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  • You could easily be 5-6 weeks if you just got a BFP on the 20th - and that's right on the borderline of being able to see a heartbeat.  It sounds like you just had a very long cycle and thus "skipped" August.

    Honestly though the only way to know is to wait it out.  Cramping is totally normal and light spotting often happens and means nothing.  The waiting sucks but you'll know more within a week.
  • Thanks ladies... I have an appointment wed morning. The ER doctor told me to make sure I tell my OB about what happened and then go from there. So I'm not exactly sure what they plan to do. I'm hoping everything turns out okay.
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  • Wait it out!  Same thing happened to me.  Long cycle followed by bright HPT and spotting the same day.  US didn't show anything but the sac, went back in 5 days for a repeat US and strong heartbeat.  My OB says it's just too soon to see at 5 1/2 weeks.  Good luck!!!
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