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Day With Thomas pictures

He had so much fun! It was sunny for our zoo day, but poured for Thomas.  DH mocked my "overpacking", but we all had coats and long sleeves and ponchos and he was shivering. ;)  He was all, "...but it was 90 when we left!"  Cold or not, it was a blast!  The littlest guy did great at the zoo, but was not a happy camper at Thomas.  He kind of cried the whole day. :(  He was so happy to get home and see the dog!


photo 9f88c067-a27f-4c7d-ab52-4ab10153ed12_zps17c5cf75.jpgphoto 5d91d70d-7ae8-44f7-b326-1cb90e6e23aa_zps0d0b1324.jpg

photo 77291c0e-1a2f-4253-8df7-e7e4ffedab72_zps005c1d66.jpg



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