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does your baby sleep through loud noises?

I'm concerned about my baby's hearing. At just a couple of weeks old she slept through 20+ minutes of a fire alarm at a resteraunt when it was malfunctioning and last night we were at a wedding dance and she fell asleep at her bed time and slept through all the loud music. She did not pass her hearing test at the hospital but did a couple of weeks later at her follow up. Just wondering if other peoples babies sleep this well and we are just lucky or should I be concerned?

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Re: does your baby sleep through loud noises?

  • He has slept through fire alarm testing at our apartment complex and regularly sleeps through dogs barking. It seems if he's in a deep sleep he is more likely to stay asleep. He passed his hearing tests so I'm not really concerned. And he has semi woken up to doors slamming. I'm guessing he was in a light sleep these times.

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  • I had the same exact situation with the hear tests with my LO. If his already sound asleep when the loud noise happens he never wakes up. He has slept through a 21 gun salute, Cannons going off, my super loud house alarm going off, the fire alarm going off and multiple other loud noises. I'm not concerned about it though because when he is awake he responds with tge starttle reflex or crying if a loud noise happens.

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  • E will sleep through most things. I've had her on a mat in the floor and vaccummed around her without her even moving. The only thing that seems to startle her is a sudden loud noise.
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  • My LO used to sleep through everything and never startled. We had her hearing checked and it was perfect. She now sleeps through nothing, she hears every little noise... If there is too much noise when she's trying to sleep she will cry. If a pin drops while she is sleeping, she will wake up.

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  • You're lucky you have a sound sleeper. Both of my guys are light sleepers, like me, and wake at the slightest noise. I can roll over in bed and my little guy will wake up (I moved his crib into the master bedroom).
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  • Lo wakes with every. Single. Noise....i've learned where i can and can't step...there is one creaky board in the flor and i always manage to find it and wake lo
  • LO tends to fall asleep where there is noise. Talking, fireworks, thunder, vacuuming, she sleeps. She did startle awake when the 3 year old started shrieking, so maybe she's not a fan of high pitched noises.
  • My DD didn't pass her hearing test right away but did a couple weeks later. The lady told me though if I am ever concerned or want to double check I can give them a call and get further testing. Maybe if your really concerned you could do this?

    My daughter doesn't always wake up but she usually at least jumps or flutters her eyes at loud noises.

  • If he is tired, he will sleep through anything. We actually went to the races last night,. they were LOUD! Our friends let us borrow their baby earphones to dull it, but it was still so loud you could feel it... he slept right through it. He's been checked and his hearing is perfectly fine.

  • My LO failed his first hearing test but they redid it a little while later and he passed. We have big dogs in the house that like to bark at their shadows and sometimes he'll sleep through that and other times he won't. I think it all depends in how well he's sleeping.
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  • My LO used to sleep through anything he slept the best when we were out at noisy places. Now any noise will wake him up and he won't sleep If we are out. I would get another hearing test done just so you won't keep worrying. I've know lots of babies that will sleep through anything. GL
  • My first could, and still can sleep through anything. And, I mean anything. My second, you could drop a pin on the other side of the house and it would wake her up. Which sucked since I had an older sibling running around. Max.. sleeps through everything just like my oldest. And, thank God because my 2 girls together have no concept of an inside voice. At all.

  • CarolynL8 said:

    My baby falls asleep during loud noises too. He passed out outside in his stroller during our block party and the music was blasting.
    Hes slept through his snuza alarm too.

    He only gets startled (and not always) by a single loud sound. Like a sudden BANG!

    Id still ask your doc to check her hearing again just to be safe. It cant hurt!

    Pretty much the same as my DD. She can sleep through loud noises as long as it is constant and not sudden.

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  • Young babies don't have great hearing, so they sleep through pretty much anything. Graham is almost 4 months old now, and loud noises do wake him.

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  • Josh could sleep through a truck driving through our living room

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  • Every time we go outside, a bunch of fire trucks go roaring by. It's bizarre, and LO sleeps through it every time. However, he wakes and pouts adorably and starts howling up if I a) turn the camera on, and b) if DH sneezes or talks on the phone in a booming voice. I'm sort of meanly glad about the last two, because DH has the loudest sneezes I've ever heard (and not being a woman he feels no need to suppress them), and complaining neighbors aren't even enough to keep him from happy yell-talking on the phone, no matter who he's talking to. But he's now trying to keep a lid on it a little for LO's sake. But the REALLY loud noises, LO sleeps through.
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