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Talk to me. How can I know if I have it? My LO was c section but was given antibiotics.

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    I've got it right now... my nipples are shiny and more pink than normal, and feel itchy and burn. It's painful when LO latches on. LO has it in his mouth too; he has white patches on his tongue that don't come off (so not milk.)
    ETA I had it with my first as well and assumed it was from the antibiotics I received in labor, but this time I was GBS negative and no antibiotics.
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    We have it too. White patches in the mouth that won't come off when rubbed gently with a q-tip and pink nipples. The medicine we got is Cream for Me and drops for her. It apparently takes awhile to clear up. It would not be effected by the antibiotics given during birth since it is from yeast (your's or baby's).
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  • We had it when DD was 6 months old, so clearly NOT from antibiotics at birth :)  My nipples didn't look that "shiny" to me, but they were flaking and I was starting to get small open skin areas.  They were burning and itching a lot.  DD latching felt like there was glass in my chest, but after about 30 seconds it wasn't awful - I think we caught it in time.  She has some small white patches on the insides of her cheeks, but she was otherwise her normal smiley self - I would've never known she had it if I wouldn't have looked.  

    I got a script from the pedi for nystatin (not my first choice, but daycare wouldn't administer anything without an MD note, so no natural remedies)... I tried lotrimin on my nipples for a few days, but it almost seemed to make them worse.  I felt A LOT better after one day of using APNO (also took 2 weeks of diflucan).

    I think they key to getting rid of it for us was not the meds necessarily (although clearly they play a role)... We were crazy diligent about 

    1) boiling bottle nipples, pacifiers, and medicine syringes for 20 minutes every night (with a splash of vinegar in the water), 

    2) putting a cup of vinegar in the last rinse cycle of of any laundry that had nursing pads, tank tops, bras, bath towels, etc (anything that could've touched my nipples)

    3) letting her only play with toys I could wash in a bleach bath for 2 weeks.

    If you think you have thrush, I encourage you to call your pedi and OBGYN for scripts at 8am tomorrow!  Yeast is hard to get rid of, and the sooner you start, the better!
  • Thrush is a nightmare to rid. I'm going on almost three months and finally showing signs of improvement. GL
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