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Causes of Nipple Pain

If anyone experienced any nipple pain (like a 10/10 at latch and 6/10 during nursing), what was the cause determined to be? We have ruled out tongue tie and flat palate. Also, the latch has been confirmed correct by 3 LCs.

I normally post in Aug 13 BMB, but I'm hoping someone here has some thoughts/ideas?!?
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Re: Causes of Nipple Pain

  • What kind of pain? Burning, stinging, stabbing? Does it hurt when you are pumping? Does it hurt when you try laid back feeds? Different positions?
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  • LO is 4 weeks old and I had been having tons of pain.  Checked latch with my midwife and 2 LCs and wasn't getting anywhere (latch looked great).  My nipple was coming out all distorted though.

    Met with another LC who is also a cranial sacral therapist and she checked inside LO's mouth and found that her palate is short.  

    My only advice would be to keep seeing different people to get other perspectives.  Good luck!  It's so frustrating, especially when everyone and everything says it shouldn't hurt!
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  • How old is your LO?  If LO is younger than 6 weeks it is probably just due to learning how to BF.  The first 6 weeks were painful for me.  The initial latch was horrible and I would bite my lip to get through the pain.  While LO nursed it was bearable like a 4/10 on the pain scale.  The discomfort while nursing was really due to my nipples being sore.  Since I had flat/inverted nipples it was tougher in the beginning.  I say a LC and went to a weekly support group.  LO had a good latch and was transferring milk well.  For me it was just a huge adjustment period in the beginning of BF and it was painful.  Can you go to a weekly support group? That was a life saver for me and it helped keep my spirits up in those first few weeks.  BF is hard and it is a adjustment in the beginning.  Hang in there!

  • LO is almost 4 weeks.

    I have not ruled out the latch... We are meeting with ANOTHER LC on Tuesday, so hopefully we can get somewhere. This is supposed to be "the" person to go to. Or maybe just a bad latch one time, and I'm still recovering?

    Pumping does not hurt one bit.

    Thanks for the feedback!
    Married DH <3 : 7/7/12; 3 fur babies (2 dogs and 1 cat)
    DS born 9/3/13; DD born 7/22/15; LO due 5/28/18
    FS (age 5) and FD (age 2) to become AS/AD very soon!

  • I had nipple pain for the first few weeks, even though nothing was wrong and lo's latch was correct. Most people I talked to said they initially had some pain so i didn't worry about it and just stuck with it. Sure enough I am now breastfeeding completely pain free. (Lo is now 7 weeks)
  • With dd2 i was in that amount of pain the entire 6 months I lasted, and had stinging shooting pain in nipples and breast even when not feeding or pumping. Saw 2 LCs, both said latch was good. I think it might have been thrush, but obs office wouldn't write me a rx for it because there were no physical signs (which I found out are not always present).

    If you look through the old Ta Ta Tuesday posts, I was the first poster in one of them asking about this problem. She had a very good response for me, and several suggestions.
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  • Sounds like thrush
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