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BTDT Mums: Day Naps

My LO is 8 weeks old and for the past 2 weeks (since her growth spurt) she won't sleep for more than half an hour each nap. She wakes after her 1st sleep cycle and won't be settled back to sleep.

She sleeps fine during the night now, but the days are all stuffed up now.

Has anyone had this with their LO, and had it sort itself out? Is it something that will resolve with age.
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Re: BTDT Mums: Day Naps

  • This is a normal development for most babies. It's either developmental or bad timing for naps (baby is over/under tired) and usually sorts itself out. My DD started taking longer naps by 4 months, but we still have some short ones.  

    a 30 minute nap tells me she's over tired-try putting her down a little earlier.
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  • My DD1 only took 30 min naps for about her first year. She took about three of them, then moved to two hour long naps and around 18 months went to one long nap. It was just her style.
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  • Normal. Ride it out.

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  • N does this as well. She only has cat naps during the day, it's just how she does it :)
  • She is still settling into her new sleep cycle during her day naps. Good thing is night time sleep has been sorted out. Mostly parents struggle with night time sleep. Nap time shouldn't be an issue for too long.
  • Yup. My first took 45min naps like clockwork until 7-8 mo. At 3.5yo, he still naps for at least 2hrs everyday.

    These two are still figuring it out.

  • Thanks everyone.

    While it doesn't make the days easy to plan, I won't complain too much as her night sleeping is becoming pretty good with regular 4-5 hour stints.

    Interesting that some think it is an overtired thing as a 'sleep expert' I consulted thought it was her not being tired enough to sleep through the first sleep cycle. I have tried extending her wake times but it didn't help at all.

    Good to hear from BTDT mums who know first hand that 'this too shall pass'.

    Will just make the most of seeing a lot more of my little girl : )
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  • Ugh I remember my son doing that. It drove me crazy! He eventually grew out of it. he would take like 3-4 30 min naps, not a time frame oong enough to get anything done. My girl is only a week old and I'm hoping she won't go through that phase.
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