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What are your food Cravings???


Re: What are your food Cravings???

  • Salt & Vinegar chips!!!!
  • A blizzard from Dairy Queen!  My hubby got me a mini one last night, he is the best :)

    Also, all I seem to want in general are carbs.  Bagels with cream cheese to be specific.  
    I've had a bagel with cream cheese almost every morning for breakfast this week. The carb cravings have been here for 3-4 weeks! I wish I were craving, like...kale or something. Haha.

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  • Anything Mexican, i'll inhale it.

  • Ran out to get Dunkin Donuts yesterday am. DH wanted a bagel with cream cheese, so I got it for him. Then I ate it. Then I went back two hours later and inhaled a ham/egg/cheese bagel. 

    Going back now for my second breakfast of the day. Will probably go back later for bagel sandwich with extra cheese.

    Help, please.

    And then, mashed potatoes. And split pea soup. And canne carrots.


  • The smell of peanut butter makes me cringe now that I'm pregnant.. :(
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  • steak, mexican, and fries smothered in cheese. I can not eat hamburgers without feeling a little naseous 
  • Anything green, not not salad. Kale chips, green smoothies, raw green beans with hummus, escarole soup... 

    My tummy can't handle grease right now, and the idea of meat takes away my appetite. You would think that between the greens craving and the fact I had a stomach virus last week I would have lost weight, but no. Alas, I'm blaming "bloating" just to make myself feel better.

  • anything salty :-)

  • Potatoes, pizza, Big Mac w/fries, and Chinese food.  I could eat all of that all day everyday, but I don't :-(  I'm having Chinese food for dinner on Saturday, I can't wait!
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  • thagy2012 said:
    I cannot for the life of me find the thread where someone mentioned Root Beer, I know I'm not crazy, SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE commented about Root Beer... Once I read it, I was not going to make it through the day without one. I know it's not particularly great for the baby, but I HAD to have one! My DH went on his lunch break and brought me two! He's the best!

    I definitely saw the root beer post too and thought it was funny because I was craving RB and I normally don't like it.

    I also saw a mint choc brownie on pinterest and have been craving mint cc ice cream since, again never a flavor I would eat...

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  • Love chicken alavodka pizza!
  • jgough625 said:

    Apples and peanut butter...ok lets face it, anything peanut butter!  If I could (and probably will) I'd eat a whole jar of it!  I am also eating a lot more fruits and veggies! 

    Me too!  Along with parfaits.  I put peanut butter on my apples..lol.

  • Soft pretzels with salt, or popcorn ;;)
  • Thai food and anything spicy!  I literally have sriracha sauce and/or crushed red pepper flakes on everything!
  • Salt & vinegar chips...pickled sausages...McDonald's French fries

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  • I'm craving reeses puff cereal..its baddd!
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  • Fresh fruit is my love for the past couple of weeks!
  • anything sweet at the mo
  • I've been craving Chicken and lots of spicy food. I've been carrying Tabasco around in my purse!!
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  • Chocolate chip cookies (normally not my favorite by a long shot!) and french toast!

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  • I'm only 4 weeks but really craving Rueben sandwiches...I almost blurted out that I cant have deli meats but stopped myself.  I haven't told anyone at work yet.
  • Oh man. Anything deep fried and carbs.
    Anything healthy makes me Ralph :(

    I used to be a salad loving raw veggie gal. All taste disgusting.

    Hopefully it all subsides soon. Baby needs healthy food!

    Oh and that deep fried stuff if you could add cheese mayo and pickles that'd be great
  • Anything salty, not much into eating sweets but I have my moments! Just because your craving salty doesn't mean its a boy, because I am having a girl =)

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  • Loving anything on a bun or a roll! Chicken sandwiches, burgers, cheese subs...guess it's better than just bagels which is what I was craving for a while, bc at least I'm craving some protein now.

    Mommy to my sweet boy, JG, born May 15, 2014

    Baby #2 due 4/26/16!

  • I'm craving any kind of drinks!! Today I had the need for an Orange HiC from McDonalds!! I haven't had HiC since I was 8!! lol
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  • Sprinkles86Sprinkles86
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    MJC1116 said:

    Cheese -- the faker, the better. Gross, right? The other night, DH made a delicious pasta dinner and I rushed him out the door to go get me some Taco Bell, which I cannot stand usually! And my fingers are pretty much stained from the Doritos I keep craving.

    Hopefully soon I'll be able to get back to my normal, well-rounded diet!
    Loving Doritos!!!
  • Im obsessed with doritos!! Would becer eat them before but now its all i want lol
  • Im 7 weeks and 3 days. I have not necessarily had cravings... I'm kinda hoping I do for some reason because that has always been one of my questions when thinking of having a baby... "what am I going to crave?" I love eating in general, so for now nothing really turns me off or has made me sick. I have however been eating a lot of cheese and crackers and meatball sandwiches sound good all the time, so maybe thats it...carbs, meats and bread. Oh great!
  • Taco bell soft tacos (I usually prefer crunchy) and now that I've read it....a big ol' juicy cheeseburger (guess what's for dinner) :\">


  • Meat and fish!?
  • Cream cheese bagels, barbecue chips, pickles, and OJ. :\">  
  • Carbs! Rice, pasta, bread, and potatoes are my friend right now since I can't stand meat or seafood right now.
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  • Bean and rice burritos, chocolate covered pretzels and steamed veggies. I would say pizza, but that is a normal non pregnancy craving all the time :P
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  • Wheat thins dipped in veggie cream cheese.
  • 6w6d Haven't had any real cravings maybe a little red meat and oj at first .. Everything else turns my stomach especially seafood.. The only thing I can grab and eat wo having to think of what I can eat that won't make me sick is cupcakes and gummy bears and
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    I really want wendys. Either a Monterey ranch chicken sandwich, caesar side salad and fries or the caesar wrap with salad and fries. And I get a extra dressing to dip the fries in. YUM! It's a miracle that I haven't already gained 30 lbs..I'm only 10 weeks. So far I haven't gained anything..but I am about 15-20 lbs overweight already. 
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