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Unusual spots on baby

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My baby has what looks like old mosquito bites on his arms chest back and legs. Some have fluid in them like a blister. When he gets upset or too hot they look like brand new mosquito bites again, but don't seem to bother him. He still has full range of motion in the creases of his arm where he has two fluid filled blisters. They've lasted for more than 2 weeks. I use all free and clear detergent. Has anyone else run into these curious spots or any suggestions?
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  • DS had the ones without fluid. I asked my pedi about it and he said it was normal. Just one of those things newborns have as they adjust to being out of the womb. Not sure about the ones with fluid. Ask your doctor about it.
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  • My daughter had a cluster of little red bumps on her back and my pedi said it was just a birth mark. I thought it was weird too but as long as the Dr doesn't think they are anything bad. But def ask your Dr cuz it drove me nuts not knowing what they were
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  • Thanks for the input. Makes me feel a little better.
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  • Have you called or seen your pediatrician?
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