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was kickboxing until pregnant -now what can I do?

Hi everyone, Im 5 wks along and 36 yrs old. First pregnancy. I love explosive sports and was doing kickboxing w a trainer as well as Insanity videos. My question is- when can I start up again with becoming more active (besides walking and yoga I mean). What is off limits exactly? Jumping? Squats? I want the best for the baby while also keeping healthy and fit. Thank you!

Re: was kickboxing until pregnant -now what can I do?

  • Thank you. I figured I wouldnt be able to go full force but wondered what specific type of movements I need to stay away from...
  • Squats are actually one of the best things that you can do for your body to help prepare for labor. I don't think there are any specific movements you need to avoid. Most women are just warned not to increase their activity by a crazy extent when pregnant. For example, if you never exercised before being pregnant, you probably shouldn't start doing a ton of cardio and high-intensity work outs. It sounds like you're pretty active though, so it's usually fine to continue unless your OB says otherwise. They're always the best person to ask.
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  • I did Zumba when I was pregnant last time and it was great. I didn't do any of the more jumpy or shaky moves but the instructor gave me modifications I could do low impact

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  • With my first pregnancy, I kickboxed up until 38 weeks. By the end, I lowered my intensity just because I was so large! I did everything the instructor did until it was uncomfortable for me. Just listen to your body.
  • I am 9w 6d. My dr. said keep doing what I was doing, just listen to your body. He also said sweating is a good sign that you are starting to push your limits. This totally fits with my experience. I used to work out crazy hard at a lifting/cardio interval bootcamp and now I still do all the movements, but I have dropped a little weight (however I still lift 40lbs in each hand for some lifts and 200lb DL) but now I have to break so frequently or go slower that I barely sweat. My body is already letting me know what is okay and when I need to take it easy. I would talk to your Dr. but I wouldn't just assume you have to stop...I actually feel better on the days I feel good enough to drag my ass to the gym :c)

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  • I guess my comment was vague. Some people sweat a lot anyways, however if you are comfortable when you start working out and not sweating, he said when you start sweating a lot that is a sign your body may be working too hard (this is not definitive to everyone, nor is it an exact science, however he said I did not need to wear a hr monitor) I shared this because I, for one, do sweat a ton day to day and working out and I have found that my body has naturally slowed me down in my workouts so I am barely sweating, compared to dripping sweat before. 

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