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Clogged duct

I think I have a clogged duct or maybe the start of mastitis (I really hope not!)  My LO is 9 months and breastfeeding has been so easy for us so this is just out of the blue.  Today I have a hard area that seems like it's not draining.  Also my LO is refusing to BF and she loves to BF and has never turned down the chance to nurse.  I've been doing heat and pumping as much as possible but it hurts so bad.  Is there anything else I can do?? 

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  • I'm glad to hear you were able to resolve yours!! I hope that is the case with mine.  Thank you!
  • Dangle feeding/pumping. Massage hard (as hard as you can bear) while feeding/pumping. Heat for 10 mins immediately before a feed/pump.

    Keep at it. That's what worked for me but would often take up to 24 hours to clear.

    If it's really painful, Advil.

    Also, try not to lay on it/wear constrictive clothing. I had issues with a recurrent clog - turned out it was because I was sleeping on that side and it was getting squished over night.

    Good luck.
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  • hot showers help, and so does massage-- it isn't pleasant WHILE you do it, but it helps in the long run.  Massage as hard as you can stand it towards the nipple.

    And I found it helped if I pumped on that side without the pumping bra, so I could massage with one hand, and move the pump horn thing in slightly different positions to try and stimulate different ducts.

    But for me, the best solution is the baby-- I put the baby on the problem side as much as possible and just pump the other if she isn't that hungry.



  • Try taking a really hot bath, with epsom salt if you have it.  That worked wonders for me on the worst clog I had ever had.
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