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Oatmeal Recommendations

I've always heard eating oatmeal can help increase milk supply. I hate the mushy texture of oatmeal though. Any suggestions of a type of oatmeal that isn't as mushy or a way to make oatmeal less mushy? Also, is there a type of oatmeal that will increase milk supply or will all oatmeals usually help do this? Thank you!

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    To increase milk supply they need to be regular oats, not instant. 

    Steel cut oats have an almost crunchy texture to them compared to regular oatmeal.  If you've never tried them, think quinoa or barley like texture.  They do take longer to make than regular oatmeal though.  (You simmer them for like 30 minutes on the stove.)   I make a big batch on Sunday or Monday and then another on Wednesday.  Then I just warm up leftovers the other days of the week.

    Also try googling recipe for baked oatmeal.  That's pretty yummy!!

    ETA:  You can also add flaxseed to things like smoothies, greek yogurt, or any kind of baked good.  Flaxseed increases my supply just as much as oats do!

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  • My mom just make a big batch of granola while visiting and since I've been eating it my supply has increased significantly. I just eat it with out milk - so no concern of mushy oats!

    She used a mix of different nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews), a bag of Bob's Red Mill GF oats and some sunflower seeds and poured 1.5 cups of maple syrup over everything and mixed well. Then she spread evenly on a sheet pan (with edges) and baked at 325 for 20 minutes (I'd watch closely so nuts won't burn). And then we mixed in dried cherries and dried apple pieces. You can use whatever nuts or dried fruit you like (pecans, cranberries, etc.) and add coconut flakes too. 

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