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When can you introduce bottles?

My baby will be three weeks old on Monday and has been exclusively breastfed. When my milk came in my breasts were so engorged, I began pumping to get some relief so I stored the milk. I was just curious when it's ok to introduce a bottle without causing nipple confusion. So far, breastfeeding has been going well, but I wouldn't want to mess anything up.

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  • I know others may disagree. I have my son a bottle of pumped milk at 2 weeks. It did not confuse him. He never had formula and I breastfeed until he was 16 months. I gave him a bottle about once or twice a week until I went back to work at 6 months
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  • My LO has not only had bottles, but about 3 different kinds and several different bran pacifiers since he was born. I have supply issues, so we supplement and I pump a lot. He doesn't seem to care.

    I'm not honestly sold that nipple confusion is real. I'm sure babies get to have preferences, but my child and others I cared for never had an issue.

    Beware to give slow flow nipples, however, so they don't get too much too fast. Then they may not prefer the extra work of nursing to the breast!
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