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We room share with our 3 day old DD and the room is 70 degrees + ceiling fan at low speed. How should I dress her? Is a cotton footed pjs and fleece swaddle ( the Velcro kind) too hot? We are in CA so it's not too cold yet. Just terrified of SIDS

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  • When you take it off, does she feel overheated? My doc basically told me that we know what she feels like normally so just pay attention. IMO how you have her dressed is fine. 70 is pretty chilly
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  • I heard/read somewhere recently that they only need one more layer than what you would be comfortable in..
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  • I have DD in a side snap t-shrt, socks, and a miracle blanket.  Our house is kept at 70 with a fan on (it is a standing fan not a ceiling fan).  She seems to be ok but once it gets colder I'm sure I'll put something warmer underneath
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  • Our house is at 72 w/ ceiling fan & we keep DS in footed pjs & fisher price swaddle cinch wrap
  • We have our girl in a cotton sleeper and cotton halo sleep sack. Our house is at 71.
  • My LO is a heater, so I have to be careful not over dress her. At 70 degrees, she is happy in a onesie and a swaddle blanket.

  • I'm in northern Cali and keep the temp at 72 plus a fan.. She sleeps in footed pjs and an a&a swaddle. Was actually wondering the same question :)
  • My baby is always so hot. We keep him in a side snap t and a muslin swaddle blanket
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  • We keep the house between 70-72. DD is dressed in along sleeved onesie, socks, and a Velcro swaddle at night. She seems to sleep well and isn't sweaty when she wakes up to eat.
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