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Is it normal for DC to eat this much?!!

My 3.5 wk old is eating so much that I can't keep up... I am EPing and I thought my supply was good, but he is just so hungry! He eats 3oz every hour or so... and always seems hungry after feedings. He had gotten back to birth weight by 2 weeks (6lb10oz) but has gotten really chubby in the past week.

I'm glad he's such a good eater, but I am exhausted from constantly pumping and feeding and my supply is not increasing enough to feed him the 4oz I suspect he needs. I thought 3oz per feeding would be okay at this age... is this some sort of growth spurt? Anyone else's kid eat this much and so often at this age? Please help - my boobs are screaming! :)

Re: Is it normal for DC to eat this much?!!

  • It sounds like the 3 week growth spurt.  Pump like crazy and do what you can.  It should calm down in a few days, and you'll then make enough to be ahead at the 6 week spurt. 
  • It sounds like he's def having a growth spurt.  How often are you pumping?  I also EP and have since my daughter was about 2 weeks old.  It takes a few good weeks to establish an awesome supply, and the more you pump, and the longer you pump, the more milk you're going to get.  I'm not going to lie, in the 8 months I've been an EP, it can really, really suck (no pun intended, ha!) ... so much of your life revolves around pumping every 2-3 hours, all day long.  But you can do it!!
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