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baby einstein - yay or nay?

lately j has been very interested in the tv.  we received a baby einstein dvd as a gift.  as much as the idea of plunking my child in front of the tv doesn't thrill me, are these dvds supposed to be any good? 

Re: baby einstein - yay or nay?

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    to answer my own question, i found an article from Time that talks about baby einstein and its effects on children,8599,1650352,00.html

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    We do not allow Inara to watch TV. I do not even keep it on unless she is asleep. The AAP says no TV for children under age 2.

    You linked a great article. TV watching in infants has also been linked to seizure activity, altered sleep patterns and ADHD.

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    Marisa used to watch them occassionally so we could eat dinner together.  I've never had issue with TV in moderation, though.
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    We watch TV a lot, always have, always will. We've had it on almost continously since Abby was born. She doesn't "watch" it unless it's Happy Monster Band or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and even then it's just to dance to the songs for a few moments. An entire DVD would be lost on her =). I wouldn't even say we use the TV in moderation for her or with her since she couldn't care less that it's on. It's just something that's always been part of our house and she just plays with her toys. She probably doesn't care because it's not a novelty in the least.

    I'm a stickler on a lot of issues, but TV isn't one of them. I would definitely limit her TV time if I felt she was sitting there all the time in front of it instead of exploring her world. Seeing as how her first word was "Outside" and that's where she prefers to be, I suppose we haven't ruined her yet. No seizures either. ADHD/ADD, how would we know? Both my dad and I have one or the other anyway (my Dad is medicated). *shrug* I put it into that "to each his own" category.

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    Obviously I have no kids of my own so I can't say what we're doing, but SIL's kids watched Baby Einstein (at least the older one did) since infancy.  Currently they watch about 1 hour of TV a day at most.  The older child definitely has speech issues... he's 5 and has been working with a speech therapist for a few years now.  The younger one is better than her brother was at her age, but you can tell that she is still behind in her speech development compared to her (adopted) cousin who is only 2 months older.  DH's idle opinion is that it's because SIL/BIL talked to their kids in babytalk and sometimes still do.  I think it probably has more to do with an ear issue that the older child had when he was very young.

    Honestly though, who knows.  I'm sure many factors contribute to development issues.

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