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do you wear lotion?

I'm trying to figure out why my DD's rash isn't going away. It's only on her face and neck. She had baby acne but this seems different. I wear lotion but not on my chest, I'm wondering if my lotion could be causing it. I'll ask at her pedi appt. on Monday but thought I'd ask you if you wear lotion too, if so what kind, did you change it since BFing?


Re: do you wear lotion?

  • I do but I use Eucerin and always have.
  • i don't wear anything scented because DS won't BF at all to this day if i do. he even gets pissed off if i use a different soap. ?he never had a rash though. ?i would try going without it for a few days to rule it out as a potential cause. ?
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  • DS doesnt care if I wear perfume or sented lotions. But maybe try putting expressed breast milk on her rash. It clears up baby acne, why not try it on a rash
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