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Team Green..."mothers intuition"

I have never posted on here before, but have been browsing all the posts. Some background info.....I am pregnant with my 2nd child due November 29. My DD just turned 3 last month. We are team green. Just wondering if any others on team green have a sense or "mothers intuition" on the gender of their baby. Especially for STMs, do you feel different? I "feel" like I am having a boy this time and my daughter is convinced it is a boy too. I don't have any specific reasons why I feel this way either. I have had similar symptoms during this pregnancy. Just wondering how others are feeling.

Re: Team Green..."mothers intuition"

  • We're team green too and I have a feeling it's a girl. We'll see!
  • FTM and team green as well. Most of 1st tri I felt like it was girl, then most of 2nd tri I kept having boy dreams, but now I say she a lot so I guess subconsciously I am thinking baby is a girl. We will be thrilled either way and just can't wait to meet our LO in about 6 weeks +/-.  :)

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  • FTM, team green, i'm 99% sure it's a boy and that's what everyone says too. i would honestly be shocked if it was a girl. i just have a very strong feeling it's a boy but we'll see!
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  • FTM, team green, i'm 99% sure it's a boy and that's what everyone says too. i would honestly be shocked if it was a girl. i just have a very strong feeling it's a boy but we'll see!

    I'm in same boat! I refer to my LO as a boy all the time... Even though it's a 50/50 chance, I would also be extremely shocked!

  • I too am a FTM and happily on Team Green... but I am pretty confident it's a boy.  I've had "girl moments" but it all comes back to boy for me.  I never pictured myself having girls (though I know my husband would be soooooo good with a daughter!)... Everyone pretty much says boy too! If it's a girl, I'll be equally thrilled especially since I'm not expecting it, but we shall see! :)
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  • Not Team Green, but I'm 50-50 with intuition. I was positive DD1 was a girl, and I was right. I was even more positive that this baby was a boy. She definitely is not a boy. The closer we get to my due date the more I wish we'd been Team Green just to experience the delivery room reveal.
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  • Welll, you have a 50/50 chance on having the right intuition.. We're team green with this, our 4th.. I had no inkling with any of the pregnancies.. I know for this one we'd love it to be a girl since we have 2 sons and 1 daughter already.. But I'm not letting myself get wrapped up in either one.. Just so I don't ever get to the point where I'm bummed its not the other gender.
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  • Team pink here but just wanted to say welcome. It's nice to see a proper intro :)

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  • FTM here...I'm feeling boy currently, but I change every week.... 


  • Welcome and congrats!

    I'm a first time mom and team green.  I have no clue.  At first I was super confident it was as boy, but lately I've been throwing a whole bunch of shes around without thinking.  I'll be thrilled with either.

    This is me exactly. I really have no idea, maybe leaning slightly towards boy. I get mixed opinions from other people, it's about 50/50. Although my Dad is adamantly convinced it's a girl!
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  • FTM and Team Green! I have felt boy since day one. Also, all wives tales (because you know, they're so scientific and all :P ) have all pointed to boy, including a dropping heart rate as we near the end, which is just fueling my "It's SO A BOY!" fire.

    I'll be happily shocked if it's a girl. But I'm so sure it's a boy that I'm freaking out over committing to our number 1 choice for boy name and not even giving a second thought to girls' names. 
  • Welcome!

    Another Team Green FTM here. Pretty much from the start I've been thinking it's a boy (for no real reason) and now everyone is pretty much guessing it's a boy because of how I'm carrying (not that it's a valid hypothesis). But, the dreams that I've had about LO have been a girl, and I go back and forth a lot. So, I have no real intuition I suppose (or I'm just indecisive...haha)

    I'll just be happy to meet him or her in less than 2 months :)

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