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1st appointment!

We're home from our first appointment! We had our viability ultrasound and the tech said everything looked just as it should. The baby measured perfectly for the date and the EDD is still 8/1/2009. We got to hear the little heartbeat and it was 158, which she said is really good. I'm so relieved! I've been worried for weeks. We got a few pics to take home.

I was surprised at how quick the appointment was, but I have an appointment with the nurse practioner in a couple weeks, and then my first appointment with the OB will be 4 weeks after that. My 4th appointment should be the second ultrasound, so it is nice that I have something new to look forward to for each appointment.

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Re: 1st appointment!

  • Jealous that you got to hear the heartbeat!  My uterus wasn't cooperating so now I have to wait 2 more weeks, dang it!

     Glad to hear that everything went well.  What a great day =)

  • Very exciting!  Glad it went well.  Hearing the heartbeat of your little one is so great!!!
  • Yay for an ultrasound!!  I'm glad it all went well.
  • How exciting!  Hearing the h/b is the best!!!
  • Glad things went well! It was amazing hearing the hb for the first time. I cant wait to hear it again in a few weeks.
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