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Pediatrician Rec.-Columbia

We just found out we're being relocated with DH's company to the Baltimore area.  We've decided to rent a place in Columbia and need to find a pediatrician for our almost-3-year-old DS.  Any recs would be helpful. Thanks!

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  • We love Parnes, May, McKay, Lee and Associates.  They are technically in Ellicott City, but right off of Rt 108 and very convenient to Columbia.  It is easy to get an appointment, and if you have to call them with an emergency on the weekend (which we've had to do a few times unfortunately) they are very responsive.  There are half a dozen doctors in the practice, so you can rotate through whoever is available, or choose a favorite or two.  We are very happy with Dr Mailander in particular, and ask for her whenever available.  Columbia is a nice area, let me know if you need any other recommendations, I have worked there for years.
  • Thank you so much for the rec!  I really appreciate it.  Also, do you happen to know any good high risk OBGYN's in the area?  I had our son at 29 weeks and will need a good high risk OB if we decide to get pregnant again.  Thanks again!!
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  • Happy to help.  Regarding OBs, I can't speak from personal experience because I used a midwife and delivered in Baltimore City, however we have a friend who delivered at 30 weeks at Howard County General.  I don't know who their OB was, but I know that they had a very good experience with the HoCo hospital and NICU, and felt that they were well taken care of.  I'd recommend maybe reaching out to the hospital and seeing if there are doctors that they would recommend.  Best wishes to you!
  • Our pediatrician is at The Pediatric Center. They have an office in Catonsville and one in Columbia, but in November they're moving to a single office right at the intersection of Snowden River Parkway and 108 in Columbia. They're fantastic. 

    I used Johns Hopkins OBGYN in Columbia. They weren't high-risk (at least not that I knew of), but they sent our ultrasounds to be done at Maternal Fetal Medicine, right near Howard County General Hospital. I know they handled high-risk patients. You could call them and ask what their policy is. Dr. Neale there was fantastic and very helpful!

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  • Wonderful, thank you for the recs!  I'll be sure to look those up once we get settled in the next few weeks. P.S. Pantsarella, I have to tell you how much I love your sig picture!!  Literally laugh out loud every time I read it!
  • Dr. Beams for a pediatrician - she is wonderful!!!  Good luck w/the move!
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