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Wedding ring way too small now

So I got married in 2007 and since then I have put on a LOT of weight (oops).
I would like to lose it after this baby is born but my concern is my wedding and engagement rings. I can't get them off and it's starting to hurt.
Anyone had rings cut off before?!

Re: Wedding ring way too small now

  • I haven't, but I know the ER can do that. Im going to have to take mine off soon.


  • Have you tried using Vaseline or something? :(

    My wedding band is too snug now but my engagement ring is slightly bigger and still fits. I stopped wearing my band a few weeks ago and I take my e-ring off every night to avoid getting it stuck. I hope you can get yours off without cutting!

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  • My mother had to have hers cut off a few years ago - it was quite expensive to get it done then fixed & resized, and it wasn't comfortable but she wasn't injured or anything if that's what you're asking.  As someone said above - an ER can do it, in her case her jeweler did it.  I'd definitely exhaust all options before going that route - we tried a billion things from google before getting hers cut.

  • Make your hands cold too, when my hands are cold my rings are always too big
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    Ouch, have you tried soap and water to get them off?  Or maybe lotion?  And wait till a time of day when your hands are less swollen....

    Mine have been too small lately too (I had also gained weight so they were already snug, and pregnancy just put them over the edge) so I got a ring from that looks almost identical to my real wedding band and it was only $40, so I ordered one size up and it fits great.  I do miss wearing my full set, my real rings are soldered so I always wore both, but wearing just a band is better than no rings at all, or my finger turning purple from my too tight rings.  Good luck!

    Edit: also try "twisting" it off, like a screw.  In the last few months when mine have gotten too tight, putting on lotion and then twisiting them on and off was the only way I could do it....just pulling made my fingers more swollen because the puffy skin would "bunch up" and the ring would dig into my skin as I pulled.

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  • Mine got too small around 30w with DD1. They got stuck once and cold cold cold water and soap got them off. 

    If soap isn't slippery enough, I'd try running as cold of water as possible and using vaseline or aquaphor to really grease up your finger and see if they'll come off. I've also heard of trying butter. Aquaphor will be the easiest clean up afterwards, but probably the least effective :(
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  • My rings fit until about 31 weeks last time, but I was not able ot get them on until a few months after birth AND resizing.  Last time, there was a girl in the August mom's Facebook group that had to have hers cut off AFTER baby, because she couldn't stand not wearing them anymore.


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  • I had a ring cut off when I was a kid.  NBD.  I gained a bunch of weight and the thought of cutting my wedding band and engagement ring made me sad, so I purposely had them sized last year.  Now they are perfect.
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  • I'd try a few things that were suggested above to get them off now!  Cutting them off should be an absolute last resort. Then either go without or pick up a cheap/fake wedding set until after the baby's born.  
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  • To add to the list of things to try: Windex.

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  • jbelle said:
    To add to the list of things to try: Windex.
    That just makes me think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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  • Thx everyone. I googled too and will def try all these things before I get them cut off.
    I think they were already too small before this pregnancy as I have put on so much weight.
    I'm also on holiday in qld Australia ATM and the weather is warm and that is probably adding to it. Ill wait til I get back to chilly melbourne and try all the tricks you suggested.
    I'm not confident tho, as I think I've left it too long! Will let u know how I go in a week!
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