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I took my last dose of Femara last night, and was supposed to start LH testing today. My sticks are OvuSponse, which are mail order from Dr. M's practice.

I got a + on it - my FIRST EVER. My test line was as dark as the reference line. I could hardly believe it, so I got one of the CBE's with the smiley face I had from last year. Negative. (I used the same pee since I pee in a cup.)

Damn. So I threw out my pee. Then I thought I chould check the expiration date...expired in 4/08. Damn again.

So I look through my plastic bag of pregnancy related testing crap and find some Target ovulation tests that are not expired.

So...I'm going to attempt again in about an hour and use the OvuSponse and the Target and see what happens.


Re: Dangit!

  • Woo hoo!  Hey, this is great news right?!? 

    Make sure you hold it a few hours so you get a good sample.  Smile

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  • If it's accurate it will definitely be great news!

    I was also afraid my sample was still a little too concentrated...it wasn't FMU,  but it was #2, hehe.

    I think I'll hold it for another hour from now and then go for it.

    I told DH I may need his services, so luckily he is home at the moment. ;)

  • Congrats on getting a positive! That is frustrating about the rest of it though.
  • Fingers crossed that you're off doin' it with great results :)
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  • how'd the second try go?
    Jen & T.J. 6.17.06 BabyBlog * my chart *
    Joseph Henry was born at home on March 9, 2009
    Nora Mae was born at home on October 30, 2011
  • Fingers crossed!!!!!!
  • Well, my repeat OvuSponse and my Target test were both negative the second time around. So, who knows.

    It had been awhile, so I decided we needed to empty out DH anyway. So hopefully I might get a real positive in a couple days and he can have time to build things back up with a fresh batch by then. Unless, of course, today's first test was the real positive. I'm covered, either way!

  • Yay for positive, if it was! 

  • I wonder if you got a positive because of the Femera?  I can't remember on that one, but I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Clomid could give you false positives on the OPKs.  I usually took that from CD3-7, and then they told me to not start testing on the OPKs until CD10.  I'm not sure ... either way, it's good that you're covered!!
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  • Yeah, I'm not sure. I remember that about Clomid as well, although he didn't mention anything about it with Femara. It works in a slightly different way, but does the same thing, so I'm not sure if that would make a difference or not. People with pcos can have false +'s anyway, although I've never had that experience, hehe.

    I figure we'll just DTD again either tomorrow or Friday. .I work all weekend so that'll be tricky, so hopefully I'll feel like I've o'd by then!

    If I get pg this cycle, everyone will think we had a drunken NYE conception. ;p (the ones who don't know, that is)


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