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Priapism Update

First post was Wednesday after ER visit. Yesterday we met with a pedi urologist. He said in his 16 years he never got a call involving a persisting erection. With George not being in pain and no temp the pedi said this may be normal for him right now. He did an exam and found a dimple on DS spine just inside the butt crack. The pedi said the dimple could mean some nerve damage which could mess up his blood flow in his penis. He ordered an ultrasound for today.
DS did well for the US. Wasn't found of laying on a rolled up towel with his face down but once he peed and pooped on the ladies he calmed down. :-)
Urology pedi was supposed to call with results but never did. I tried calling but no luck. Hoping this means no big news. He did say Thursday that he expected everything to be fine, just nerve racking going into the weekend.


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