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Different /creative baby shower games?

I am throwing a baby shower in a few months and am hoping to find some different games. I don't want to play baby bingo or the word scramble games just because they are so over done right now. Has anyone been to a shower that had some fun games you could suggest? We do not know the gender, so non gender specific games could help! TIA!
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Re: Different /creative baby shower games?

  • Guess the baby food

    Pin the baby on the belly

    Baby animal name game

    Recall  of all the baby items on that tray.

    But seriously, just google or go check out the baby showers board.   Also make sure the mom is okay with games. 



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  • We didn't do games at my shower (per my wishes), but I'm a champ at that one where everyone wears a clothes pin (or something similar) and if you catch someone saying "baby," you get their pin(s).  I think I've won that one every time I'm at a shower with it (bridal and baby since you can just change the word).

    Are games really necessary, though?  Just get some good food, friends, and drinks for the non-pregnant women and have fun.
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  • One that I liked from my baby shower was related to your expectations for the baby. Everyone had a piece of paper with baby characteristics listed, like eye color, musical talent, athleticism etc and you had to guess if the baby would have mom or dad's characteristic. The mom-to-be answered the questions too and you had to be "right" compared to her answer.
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  • The most important part of any shower is alcohol. Have enough of that and everyone will have a good time no matter what games you choose. Some sort of vodka punch or a nice batch of Sangria work well for groups and are easy to prepare ahead of time.
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  • Ok I'm sorry but I think the whole "nobody likes games" thing is a total MYTH! I know plenty of people who love shower games.

    More unique games we liked were:
    The price is right.
    -place 7-8 different baby items on a table and let everybody try to guess the total of all the items without overbidding. The closest to the total without overbidding, wins. Older guests like this to compare how much stuff costs now a days compared to when they had kids.

    Another game is, Guess how old:
    Pass around pictures of the mom and dad from birth-now and everybody gets to guess what age they were at the time the picture was taken.
    Person who gets the most right, wins.
    People really like to see what BOTH parents looked like as children to help them make up a picture in their head what the new baby will potentionally look like.

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