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Great distraction- JBF Sale today!

So excited to be going to the semi-annual Just Between Friends used clothing and gear sale today! If you've never heard of these, check out this website. They have these sales all around the country. Looking forward to getting DD all clothed up for the winter at a fraction of the cost of retail. No seriously, I was skeptical at first, but I can't believe how much brand new and barely used stuff is available! LMK if you check it out in your hometown.


Re: Great distraction- JBF Sale today!

  • Boo. Nothing in my area. This seems fun! Happy shopping. 

    Spontaneous pregnancy #1
    DD1 July 31, 2011

    Trying for #2 since Oct 11
    732973 Clomid Cycles
    2 IUIs 
    3 Fresh IVFs= 1 Ectopic treated with MTX
    Spontaneous pregnancy #2= Ectopic #2= lost left tube
    Spontaneous pregnancy #3= DD2 January 29, 2016
    Spontaneous pregnancy #4= Ectopic #3
    Spontaneous pregnancy #5= Baby #3 is a BOY!!! 

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  • Boo. Nothing in my area. This seems fun! Happy shopping. 

    Ditto! I checked for my area too :(

    But shopping is always a great distraction!!

    Me: 27 DH: 33
    Married 6 years
    Conceived DS after 4 years of MFI

    TTC # 2 (not trying,not preventing ever)
    May 2013 - August 2013 Timed Intercourse = BFN
    September 2013 Timed Intercourse, Weekly Acupuncture, Herbs=BFN
    October 2013 Timed Intercourse, Weekly Acupuncture, Herbs, and "warming foods" = BFP
    Beta #1 19, Beta #2 18 Progesterone 4.6 Miscarried 11/9/13
    November 2013 - Benched, waiting for first post-loss AF.
    No longer benched per New RE/OB!
    Jan. 15 2014 - BFP. HCG 3900 - Ectopic :( 
    Jan. 16 2014 Left tube removed and D&C
    March 2, 2014 First AF

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  • There is one coming up in Iowa, but unfortunately it is the same weekend as my sister's wedding.

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    DD conceived after 3 years of ttc.
    MFI - DH had varicocele repair and took Clomid to get DD b. 02/2010

    TTC #2 since 6/2010
    10/2012 DH diagnosed with Epilepsy
    A few failed IUIs summer 2012 and 2013. 
    DH taking clomid and waiting to see if he needs another vericocele repair. 
    Hoping for a 2015 baby or babies. 
    Wishing, hoping, waiting.

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  • Just went to one this weekend - definitely an interesting experience.

    BFP #1 7/31/09 - m/c 8/22/09

    BFP #2 4/15/10 - DD born 12/31/10

    TTC #2 since July 2012

    BFP #3 9/24/12 - m/c 10/15/12

    Dx PCOS/LPD 5/2013 - Rx Metformin (1500mg) and GF diet

    BFP #4 6/10/13 - CP 6/12/13

    8/2013 Rx for low dose Naltrexone

    9/2013 DH's SA showed low motility/morph/viability

    10/2013 Lap removed multiple areas of scar tissue adhesions and opened blocked tube.

    BFP #5 1/24/2014 - EDD 10/3/2014

    This could be it! Grow baby!

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