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Just another example of how unbelievably rude people can be.

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So I got this random text yesterday and I'm still trying to figure out how to respond/where to begin. For one I rarely speak to this person and by no means for certain reasons intend to allow my son to be in the same room as him. Not only does he decide to write me a novel, but the contents of his text make my eyes hurt. Though as rude as it is, I have to find some humor in this and thought I'd share.

Have you "expelled a parasite" yet? Brian & I are watching komo 4 news, one of the reporters Mary Nam, is also on the verge of exploding as well, so naturally you popped up in the conversation. Hows you durrin? Just bremember, if Ari decides to start coming out tomorrow (Tuesday) just push that lil fuckers head back up yr taco & keep yr legs crossed until wed. when I can get up there. However, if he decides he just *can't* Wait til then, gimme a ringie-dingie anyway, I *will* take my mummy's car, whether or not she agrees (or even knows) besides, the Audi is WWAAAYYYY nicer/posher/better in any/every way possible. :-D


Re: Just another example of how unbelievably rude people can be.

  • Holy eff.   That person would get cut out of my life immediately.

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  • What...the...fuck.

    Who IS this person?



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  • Uhhhhh... was this person high when he wrote this??? I would ignore and delete.

    Oh and Ew.

    So sorry you even know someone like that :(


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  • More importantly, how OLD is this person? 15? Seriously, who talks like that? And why can I not get tacos out of my head? I WANT TACOS!!
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  • PrettyInPearls: he's an old friend from high school who texts me randomly. About twice a year. I have no idea why he thinks I would want him around after my son is born or why he thinks I'd be ok with him talking to me like that! Not sure what he is on.
  • Pure ignorance.  
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  • You ignore that. That's how you deal with people who are that dumb.
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  • Oh, this is a dude? Well that explains it. Just ignore the text. Also, I'd probably reconsider any kind of relationship I had with a person like this.
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  • DonnaMartinGraduates
    He is almost 30!!!
  • Anybody who would call my child any cuss word, serious or joking, would be out of my life.
  • loser. I feel like he was trying to be cool but had NO idea of how to do that.

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  • Wtf is wrong with him?!?!
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  • Is that text from a 13 year old boy??
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  • Yeah, ignore and delete contact. 

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  • Wow. That's crazy. I would not associate at all with someone like that. Delete/block!
  • ravenclaw: I debated sending something along the lines of: who the f do you think you are!!?? But I agree with all of you. Ignore/delete is probably my best bet.
  • What. The. Actual. Fuck. 

    Part of me agrees that you should ignore. 

    The other part of me wants to tell you to text him back to tell him what a royal fuckwad he is for referring to your child as a "parasite" that is to be "expelled" and a "little fucker". This guy should not have reproductive capabilities. Period. 

    You should DEFINITELY block his number, though, and any facebook accounts, etc. that he has. What a douche nozzle. I am so sorry that he referred to your child in those ways. How disgusting.

  • :-O ~ This is all I have to say...and what my mouth was doing the whole time I was reading it.
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  • I agree to delete and block but does this "person" know where you live? Info about where you will deliver? Do y'all have a mutual friend that would provide the info? Make sure you cover ALL your bases.
  • What the crap? I am in awe right now!!!
  • Sounds exactly like the kind of company a poster like you would keep! :P
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  • Mkb5g5: no he has no information thank god!!
  • msronzio said:
    Sounds exactly like the kind of company a poster like you would keep! :P
    I got confused reading this and then read back...I thought her name sounded familiar.

  • edited September 2013
    Wait...what did I miss?

    ETA: never mind, found it.
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  • Why does he even have your phone number?

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  • He lives next door to his ex boyfriend, who is my friend. We all also went to high school together. I am pretty sure he got it years ago. Anyway I dealt with him a few hours ago... He is taken care of. I'm pretty sure I made him feel like a puppy with his tail between his legs.
  • Ew. Ignore. Disconnect.

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