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AW: LO taking bottle

We didn't introduce a bottle with DS until last week when he was 6 weeks. I had DH give it to him and the first couple times he did okay, he took about an ounce but a lot of that ended up on his shirt. Before today we've tried 4 times total and he does a little better each time. Today I pumped some milk while he napped and decided to see if he would take a bottle if I gave it to him. He happily sucked down all 2.5 oz without spitting any out! If he'll take it from me I hope that means he'll take it from anyone. So excited, I see a date night in my future! :)
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Married: 4/5/13

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BFP #3: 2/2/18 MC 2/7/18
BFP #4: 3/2/18  MC 3/9/18
RPL testing and hysteroscopy: all normal
BFP #5: 4/1/18 MMC dx @ 14 weeks ----> genetically normal girl  :'(
Hysteroscopy to remove scar tissue 9/28
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BFP #7 12/8/2021 EDD 8/22/2022 

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