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Upper abdomen numb

The middle of my upper abdomen is numb and has been for about a week now. I used to think it was my underwire and pressure but its only one spot. It even happens when I'm home all day in a sports bra. It's driving me insane because its starting to tingle and when I push on it it stings. I told my doctor on Friday and he told me it was from stretching. However, my BP was a little high and I had told him about a dizzy spell I had the day before. He was concerned and ordered labs for a CBC and liver enzymes. I realize he's concerned about pre-eclampsia because I've had it before, and he's probably ruling out HELLP as well. My question is, HELLP presents with abdominal pain. I wouldn't say I'm having pain, just an uncomfortable numb sensation that never goes away. Could it be possible that HELLP can present that way-anyone experience any of this?
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Re: Upper abdomen numb

  • Haven't experienced that but wanted to wish you luck on your test results. :)
  • I had numbness with DS at the top of my abdomen. They sent me for an ultrasound, thinking it was gall stones. It was nothing and almost three years later, I'm still numb there.

    Doc thinks baby just spent too long sitting/resting in a nerve.
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  • I've had that off and on along with soreness and muscle spasms. My doctor told me to drink more water, which has worked very well. 
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  • The top of what used to be my stomach went numb during my first pregnancy.  The feeling came back in about a month after delivery.  Very odd sensation, for sure.  Think I have the same thing happening in another section of my belly this time around.  It only annoys me when something's itchy and I can't seem to rectify it by scratching at the numbed skin.

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  • So read this post earlier and thought it was such an odd symptom THEN as Iay on bed, I realize I have a small spot on my upper abdomin thar is numb! WTF!! I read that it's just nerve endings being stretched but I'll bring it up at my doc appointment tomorrow.
  • Update: my lab results came back normal. Such a huge relief! Just going to assume that baby is resting on a nerve for a long time, and that it's due to stretching : )
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  • Update: my lab results came back normal. Such a huge relief! Just going to assume that baby is resting on a nerve for a long time, and that it's due to stretching : )
    Glad to hear you're well!

    I've had the dizzy, close-to-fainting spells as well. Even without high-risk symptoms I feel as though our BP is all over the place, all the time. I've also developed some vertigo in the last week and feel weird pressure on my inner ear (all has been checked out as normal).

    As for the tummy, the sore spot on the top of my fundus is sometimes accompanied by a tingling sensation in the middle of my chest between my ribs when I lay a certain way. Obviously I try to correct myself when I can but it is initially very uncomfortable. I've read that this could possibly be pressure on the vena cava and cause the symptoms you've described. 
    The "hot spot" on my tummy, however, is sore for me -- not numb. It feels like a sunburn, or a large bruise, and it started around 20something weeks and has lasted the entire pregnancy. Painful and tender to the touch. Our bodies are so weird. 
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  • I had a burning, pinching and itchy pain. My dr ordered for an u/s and there were no gall stones. It was just the baby on a nerve. I now have to at times I have to get on my hands and knees on the bed and rock LO front to back to get them back to the front of my belly. It looks weird but works.
  • Go see your doctor. It can be many things like how baby's laying, preeclampsia, or HELLP. Then again, I am not a doctor, so I cannot really say much other than talk to you doctor. It could be serious or nothing at all.
  • I have a numb spot under my right boob. It goes numb all at once and sensation usually returns if I arch my back to lift my ribcage. MW thinks it's just baby pushing on a nerve.

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  • I have had it with each pregnancy and my dr says its normal stretching.

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  • I have had the same numb sensation under my left boob. I talked to my Dr and she said it was just one of those things that happens while pregnant, nothing to worry about. Its annoying but I found that lifting my left arm over my head makes it go away. I think things are just cramped in there and there are things in places they were before baby. Don't worry, its normal. As always, talk to your Dr, just to be sure. 

    Oh, the joys of pregnancy, LOL

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  • This has been SO helpful to me. FTM here and was veryyyyy concerned about the same sensation in my upper abdominal. Burning, stinging, itching and numb. This has reassured me it ismdef stretching and/or baby on a nerve! Thanks for all the helpful inputs on this page!
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