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*mrs mosby* *sbrick* *chrismo*, those that had 2 under 2!

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Just wanted to catch up with the "2 under 2" group (@mrs mosby, @sbrick15, @chrismo1013 + anyone I missed!) and see how things are going now.

My little guy will be turning 1 next week (can't believe it!) and I think things are getting soooo much easier all of a sudden!  He's getting around by himself (not walking yet, but cruising), sleeping through the night (usually), and starting to sign and say a few words.  DD has recently started to get a little rougher with him -- trying to pull him into her lap, hug him, push him over...  but luckily he's bigger and stronger than before and I'm not too worried.  (I still don't leave them alone together for very long, though.)

There are still a couple hurdles I go through with two young ones: getting in the car after daycare -- sometimes DD won't listen to me, breaks away from holding my hand in the parking lot and I'm trying to hold DS and wrangle her to the car.  Ugh.  I end up putting DS in the car and grabbing her, hoping a car won't come through in the meantime!  It's also difficult to bring her to the bathroom while I'm holding DS.  All 3 of us in the stall, me needing to help her take her pants off and get on the toilet...  it's a disaster!  Things might get better when DS can stand and walk on his own, but then again he'll probably be running away from me too and I'll look even more like a crazy lady!  :(

What is easy and hard for you guys now?  How are the "3 under 3" pregnancies going?  :)
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Re: *mrs mosby* *sbrick* *chrismo*, those that had 2 under 2!

  • I find it pretty easy. Both are walking and they get along extremely well. I am able to leave them playing and run to the bathroom or something. Silas adores his little brother and if he has something we have to make sure Elijah has the same thing. They do have their fights but not very often. Silas is starting to use the potty now and Elijah is very interested so I am hoping maybe by the time number 3 comes both will be out of diapers. This pregnancy is a lot harder physically (probably because I have an 18 month old and almost 2.5 year old) we are team green and can't wait to find out. I have marginal placenta previa and hoping that it has moved when I go for my 32 week u/s.
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  • I think it definitely gets better/easier as my youngest gets older. He is crawling and climbing on everything, and cruising, which does make it tough, but at least, he is now entertained by toys.
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  • Aw, happy early birthday to your little guy.
    Now that DD2 is over a year and running everywhere I find it is so much easier. DD1 is a little rough with her at times but for the most part they get along. DD2 is actually in the process of dropping her 2nd nap which stinks but is also nice bc then they will be on the same nap schedule. I felt like I was stuck home all summer because someone was always napping.
    All of our friends are just now getting pregnant with their 2nd and DH and I are so glad we are past the newborn stage. Even if the past year was crazy.
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  • Hey ladies! I barely squeaked into the 2u2 club. DD#2 arrived in May, so our girls are 22 months apart. I'm glad to hear that it is getting easier for you all! The good thing about DD#2 still be little is that she is not mobile so she stays where I put her LOL! There have been many times leaving daycare where DD isn't listening and I end up holding her on one hip and carrying DD#2 in the infant carseat with the other arm! DD#2 was a great sleeper at first, pretty much sleeping through the night, but she has regressed now that she is 4 months. This Mama is definitely depending on coffee to get through the days! DD#1 has started to refusing to nap, so it makes the days very long without a break. Some days are so crazy I don't know whether to laugh or cry!

    The girls are starting to interact more. DD#2 loves watching and smiling at her big sister. DD#1 is such a good sister. She is so nurturing and loving.

    I'm glad to hear that you all are doing well! Take care!

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  • PS- I am NOT 60 weeks pregnant! I cannot get my siggy to update! GRRRRR
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  • Hard to believe DD will be 3 this May.. DS is about 16 months old, and it is just a joy all around. They love each other very much, and get along really well. Two great ages
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  • I am the poster formerly known as chrismo!  I am just seeing this post now.  So good to hear from you ladies :)

    Things are going ok.  I don't think I would say "easy" though.  My son was just diagnosed with autism and will be starting therapy on Monday.  I was hoping that by this point he would be talking and able to communicate his needs better, but he is not talking at all.  He isn't pointing at all either so it's been a challenge.  I am due with #3 June 3, but most likely will be delivering sometime in May.

    Glad to hear everyone is doing well!

    DD born 6.13.11 at 37w5d

    DS born 5.23.12 at 36w5d

    BFP 6.9.13|heartbeat of 128bpm 7weeks|7.23.13 ultrasound revealed no heartbeat|natural m/c and d&c 7.25.13

    DS born 5.20.14 at 38 weeks

    All are welcome


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