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Looking for Intralipid Therapy in or near Philadelphia

We can't afford IVF, and it appears that after 15 months of fertility treatments in Philadelphia all we have to show for it is 1 fallopian tube removed, 6 IUIs, a few natural cycles, 4 rounds of Clomid, 4 early losses in the past 15 months, and a partridge in a pear tree (I got my sense of humor back anyway). I finally got a second opinion with a doctor in NY last month, it turns out my immune system is to blame for whacking all my embryos early. We tried this past cycle with Prednisone (failed), but it's been recommended I try "Intralipid Therapy" each month to help tame my overactive immune system and make those natural killer cells behave themselves.

I'd like to find someone who does Intralipid Therapy HERE in Philadelphia, or very near here?

I can go to NY, but I'd have to go by train or megabus, and the treatment will be $500 each month out of pocket, plus travel. I'm aware my insurance won't pay for Intralipid. My neurologist CAN do the infusion, but won't (I imagine because the insurance won't pay them anything).
I'm prepared to pay out of pocket, but I'd prefer to do it here in Philly.

I'm 42-1/2 and getting older by the minute.

I've also done nutrition, acupuncture, supplements, and added in chinese herbs recently.

I'm sick of using Clomid. I think its messing up my ovaries. I'd rather be at the beach.
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