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Do you think dogs can sense human pregnancy?

We have a spoiled rotten chihuahua.  She will be one next month.  We have had her since mid March and she is very attached to us.  We love her and treat her like our child.  Well the last week she has been acting really weird.  It makes me almost worried that someone is outside the house or there is going to be an earthquake.  She hasn't been barking just has been very alert and protective of me.  I have noticed at night she has to curl up right by my belly (yes, she sleeps with me).  But last night I was in bed watching TV and not feeling very well and she just sat next to me and stared at me for the longest time.  It was very strange.  Then she curled up in my arm like she was a baby and slept like that all night long.  It is really bizarre but I believe she knows what is going on.  Have you heard of this before?  Or have your dogs been acting strange? 

Re: Do you think dogs can sense human pregnancy?

  • who knows? i think my cats know.
  • We have two mini-dachshunds. One has been a mother, and she "knew" I was pregnant before I did. She always curls up on my belly and is very protective of me. The other one is our "baby." She is very jealous right now b/c she senses that she's going to be replaced. She has gotten better, but at first, she was having accidents in the house and going through the trash to get attention.
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  • I've been wondering the same thing.  My dog has been following me around the house for the last 2 weeks constantly!  Which he has never done before.  He HAS to be by me.  It's strange for sure.
  • I have 2 dogs and so far no change -- they are still trying to jump all over me and it's getting to be a lot to handle.  I'm hoping that changes soon.  I did read somewhere that dogs can sense a change in their owners and some do show a more protective demeanor.  Sounds like your little pooch may be very intuitive! 
  • wow. I thought I was the only one thinking this crazy thing! ?We have a big akita. ?When I found out I was pregnant, and about 7-8 weeks along - I noticed the same behavior! ?He kept staring at me - and sitting by me - then he started sleeping on my side of the bed, when he usually never leaves my dh's side. ?I swear this dog knows I am pregnant! ?

    And even stranger-- and I fully realize how crazy this sounds - we were watching a movie and in it, a baby starts to cry. The dog jumped up, looked around the house, and then stared right at me as if to say: where's the baby?? ? --- I feel SO stupid even typing this!! ?But you brought it up! LOL. ?

    ?Anyway, I think the answer is yes. ?lol??

  • my dog is always like that- follows me to each and every room and under my feet! so hard to tell with me- but i have noticed that instead of sleeping in her bed, she will sometimes come lay by me next to the couch- which is not her typical self (she loves her bed) and when she hears something outside, she has been coming over to lay with me and stands alert but doesn't overly freak out and run to the door like she does normally- its funny to watch- sweet dog :)

    while on the topic of dogs- everyone must go see Marley and Me- what a great movie!! :) especially for the dog lovers

  • TMI to follow - before I got my BFP, I noticed my hoo ha smelled differently.  (Like....puppies and rainbows, actually.)  Anyways, yes, if *I* could smell a difference, I think your dog would too. She sounds very sweet, btw!

  • I posted about this when I got my BFP.  My cat and dog both acted very weird even before I tested.  They don't want to leave my side, meow and whine constantly to me, not DH.  My dog even had 2 accidents inside and she NEVER does that.  She is so well-behaved and trained but lately has really been acting up for attention, it seems.  My OB says she thinks animals can definitely sense the change in hormones. 
  • My dog is extra clingy now.  He even sleeps outside the bathroom door while I'm in the shower.  When someone comes near me, he actually steps right in front of me.  He's not aggressive at all, but he has to be as close to me as possible.  He and my cat are even starting to pal around a little bit, and sometimes they both follow me.  DH calls me Dr. Doolittle.
  • My cat, who I've had since 2001, has been acting so obnoxious at night that I've had to boot her out of the bedroom. I think she knows.
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  • My fresh cats seem to love me more since I got a positive. Who knows though...
  • I'm not sure if they really can or not, but I have noticed the last three weeks our golden retriever has been following me EVERYWHERE around the house. He won't let me out of his sight and sleeps on my side of the bed every night. I was just talking to DH about this the other day and it does seem like he "knows" something is going on...then I wonder, it could be that I'm acting different (mood swings, crying, etc.) and that is causing him to be more concerned and not that he actually knows there is a little one on the way!
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  • I think so because my 3 year old dog is very protective of me.  She follows me everywhere and never lets me out of her site.  My DH thinks its hilarious.  The puppy just follows me everywhere too, we got her before I knew I was pregnant, but I I am not sure about her. I hold her like a baby and scratch her tummy.  Aren't pets great??
  • Well, it makes sense.  Animals can smell when another animal is in heat.  The hormones are what they are smelling.  So, I bet that they can smell the shift in your hormones!
  • Aw, that's adorable!  I totally think they do.  Our great dane, who is usually more of a daddy's girl, will not leave my side now.  Even if she's sound asleep, if I get up, she wakes up & follows me.  She even tries to bump open the bathroom door with her big head if I go in.  So I think animals definitely know, sometimes before we do.
  • I thought I was crazy for wondering the same thing, but I think our beagle has her suspicions. I am trying to give her all the extra love I can now because come summer her world (and mine) will be turned upside down.
  • I think animals can.  About a week and a half before my BFP my cat wouldn't come near me, and she is usually very cuddly.  She has since come around, probably because I spoiled her on Christmas, but I think she knew.
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  • I was just talking to a friend and they have an english bull dog that they breed.  She (the pup) has been pregnant twice.  During friends pregnancy the dog did not want to have anything to do with her.  She wouldnt go in the same room she was in or go to her for anything. Weird!!   
  • I do think animals have a 6th sense. That being said though, our dog (a GSP) had no
  • I have a puggle-baby who will be 1 year in February who has been acting the same as PP's - following me around, sleeping on my side of the bed, having accidents in the house. I too, think she knows. My cats are also acting really funny, I was lying in bed reading last night and they both jumped on the bed at the same time and started crawling all over, both eventually settling down on my belly. Very odd for both of them.
  • I'm glad i'm not the only one noticing this. I have 3 dogs and one is 70lbs. She doesn't sleep in bed with us that often, since she has her own room with a bed. But lately she has to sleep with us and I mean right between us and nuzzled up against me. She follows me everywhere now. I think they know!
  • I definatley think dogs can sense it! I've also heard that dogs have such amazing hearing that they can hear the hearbeat from the womb!?? Anyway my dog and my freinds' dogs are all a little more sensitive to me and one of them even touches his nose to my belly every so often like he's saying hi or something! It's awesome!
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  • My dog totally knows. He has been a thousand tmes more protective of me than usual. Which, for him, already being VERY protective, is kinda insane. If a friend leans over too fast to give me a hug, he's instantly between me and them.


    And he licks my belly a lot.  :)

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  • I also have a mini-dachshund and I believe she know that I am pregnant as well. She is very protective as she sits either on my stomach or my legs. I feel like I have a guard dog. 

  • I have been pregnant 3 times (one miscarriage) and each time, my min pin has walked around the house in between my legs so I practically trip over her...and she does this about a week before I got each BFP.  In fact, this pregnancy was a surprise, and when she started doing this my DH was like...OH MY GOODNESS, YOU ARE PREGNANT! And I was!
  • I think dog's can sense something is different.  When I had my M/C my dog was very depressed for the next couple of days with me.  He stayed by side and kept licking my hand.  Dog's are smarter than we think.
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  • Absolutely!  I was wondering this recently too so I started reading a lot about it on line. There actually have been studies that have been done that show that they can detect the pheromones that your body gives off during pregnancy.  Although the dogs may not know what the difference in scent means, they can sense that something is different.  Mine has always snuggled with me and DH at night on the couch (87 lb lab, snuggle??).  Over the past several weeks, he has been even closer and always resting his huge head on my abdominal area.  He always sniffing too!  Very annoying but very curious.  Most recently, he has been growling at neighbors or people he sees through the window (which he's always done in a way, but now he sounds less playful).  All in all its cute, but something to keep an eye on.  Apparently dogs can get to be protective with a baby.


    Our black cat always hangs around me as if she knows. My dog too, a lot more clingy than normal. Who knows. It's possible.

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