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Breaking Bad

Sorry not baby related but does anyone watch Breaking Bad? Any predictions on how it's all going to end? GREAT episode tonight!


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    LOVE Breaking Bad!!!!! Episode tonight was so good- very surprising. I can't even imagine how it's going to end
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    So many twists and turns! I hope his family gets the $$ no matter what so it was all worth it for Walt. I know he's the devil but I still am rooting for his character.


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    Yep DH and I are huge fans! We just got done watching the episode--cant wait until next week! So crazy that there are only a few episodes left!
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    I spent the last few minutes I the episode repeating holy sh*t.... I can't wait to see how it ends, but will be sad it's over.

    Oh and I think I shushed DS when he started crying during the scene where Jesse told Walt he found the money! Thank goodness for the ability to pause TV!
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    We love it too! We're on the west coast but have Verizon tv so we get it early!

    Our Sunday night revolves around when DD may be quiet long enough for us to watch Breaking Bad and Talking Bad!

    Tonight's episode was intense! I have no idea how they will end it but my husband and I were wondering if it will be like The Departed and end with a whole bunch of people dying!

    Obviously Walter is out there running around later, so I have a feeling I know what happens at the stand off...maybe!?

    Only 3 episodes left!

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    Hahahha we do the same thing - literally the minute she falls asleep we run to the TV to watch it. I can't believe Hank and J actually outsmarted Walter in this episode. He obviously lives through the shoot out because of the flash forwards but I wonder who else survives. Ahhhh wish it was next Sunday already!


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