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Shower prizes

If you were going to win a prize at a bridal shower, what would you like to win?  I'm thinking something around $5 or less.  Any suggestions would be great!  TIA!

Re: Shower prizes

  • I love shopping at the dollar bin section of Target.  I always get little odd and ends there...maybe you could get 5 different things and put them together for a prize.
  • Yummy smelly candles (like the Glade ones...they're only $3 I think), Starbucks GC (even $5 is great...that's 1.5 drinks!), cute picture frame (please don't make it something with words on it...I once won a "Mommy" frame at a baby shower).  I don't like to use shower gel/lotion stuff because so many people are picky about that stuff. 
  • Maybe this is just my family, but I thought that prizes at showers were always handed over to the guest of honor...most people keep them??  I've been getting ripped off for years because I always win! Wink
  • Thanks ladies!  I was wanting to avoid the useless (to most) lotion or stationary.  I'd already thought about Starbucks for one.  Good idea about the Target dollar spot!  That also gives me a great excuse to go to Target and shop for myself.  lol. 

    Shauna, I've never been to a shower where the prize is given to the guest of honor! 

  • I love to receive note cards! What about potted plants/floral bouquets that you've used as centerpieces.
  • At a shower I just went to, I won a $5 Starbucks card. I was most excited. Something I can (and did) actually use!

    Target stuff is good too.

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