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What's the youngest age to start potty training

Like I know a lot of kids aren't even close to being ready before they're 2, but I feel like my son is getting super close!

Then I was talking to my grandma about it, because I was curious to see what she said and both of her kids, my aunt and dad were potty trained before they were 2!! She said my aunt was really easy and she could say more words than my son. But all she did was put cloth panties on her and she peed in them and never peed anywhere but the potty after that (she didn't like the feel of her pee on her legs and skin)! My dad was 19 months old, and she had him potty trained too. He had a couple accidents after but for the most part, fully trained.

My son is 17 months old and very smart. He knows quite a few words and he just tries to learn more everyday. He's very 'talkative' with his gift of baby gab. 

And he's also very curious about the bathroom and other people going potty! Sometimes he just wants to be in the bathroom when other people are in there XD

My mom and I were joking with him, because he's always so obvious when he's pooping. He just grunts and grunts and farts until well, you know ha ha. Anyway we were grunting with him, encouraging him pushing, and he just started grunting louder. So I set him on the potty, and he kept grunting, but I don't think he was ready to go yet. 

It was still another hour before he went and needed his diaper changed.

Anyway, I think I'm going to get him a new potty seat next month and start working on it. I definitely don't see any harm in it :D
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Re: What's the youngest age to start potty training

  • Im in the same boat with you :) mine is 19 months and I'm thinking we should give it a shot!
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  • We introduced the potty with DD at 18ish months. She was out of diapers 100% by 26 months. DS, he's almost 22 months. He's potty trained in the house. We started at 21 months. He just got it. Still have accidents (more out of laziness and doesn't want to stop playing to pee). We're starting underpants all the time probably next month. Good luck!!
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    DS started showing signs of readiness and interest at 17 months. We encouraged it and he very quickly caught on. Various resources I've read say 20 months is usually a good age to start. My mom says my brothers and I were all out of diapers before our 2nd birthdays, which I think was more the norm 30+ years ago.

    ETA: At the younger ages, I'd suggest getting a little potty seat as opposed to a bigger toilet insert. DS only recently started feeling comfortable on the regular toilet - he still prefers the potty that is "his size."

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  • My son started walking at 9 months and started following us into the bathroom at 11 months so we let him sit on the toilet and he pooped. Since then we've gotten him a seat that just goes over the toilet and he's been pooping in the toilet almost every day when i put him on it right after he eats. If he doesn't want to i don't force him. Some days it would take forever for him to poop but he would sit there until he did. He's still in diapers because we don't have the peeing thing down 100% yet but for the last week he's been holding his pee until I put him on the potty. I know that's not considered potty trained but it got him used to the idea of what the toilet is for. He's 17 months now and I'm not rushing him but I definitely think that it's never too early if your child is interested. My mom said the both my sister and I were completely potty trained by 2.
  • My son was trained at 18 months. It's possible!
  • We introduced a potty at 19 months.  They peed just about every night before bath around that time.  They did train earlier than some in that we were trained by 2 years 4 months (really starting at 2 years 3 months), but I didn't push it.. that's just when they were ready.


  • My DD was PT by 20 months. Oh crap potty training says 18-24 months are best.
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  • We ditched diapers at 18 months. I was home for the summer, and it made sense for us! I'll do it a bit later with my next one, but still before 2. My daughter is now hitting defiance issues (ah, terrible 2s), and I'm glad she IS potty trained, and just being defiant (cause it's fun to pee on the floor, don't you know?) and we aren't trying to actually do the training bit right now!

    The one thing I will say is whenever you start, go all in and don't go back. Trying and stopping and trying and stopping just confuses kids. If yours is showing interest, go for it! Skip the dipes, pull ups... go naked, clean up the messes, get your floors cleaned in a couple months :) Don't stress about it - there's a definite learning curve! Good luck!
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  • I have been told a good way to start is by just showing them the potty first and letting them just sit on it, they don't have to do anything in it for the first while, they just need to get a feel for the actual potty. I am actually looking forward to starting potty training.

    I was planning to start in the summer when she turns 15-16 months old but the plan has changed, I'm due our second baby in July so I think I will put off potty training around September / October. I definitely want to get started before she turns 2, even if she doesn't pee or poo in it for ages.

    I won't be getting her to clean up her own accidents though, I don't think that's a good thing at all. I have taken a relaxed approach about everything else so far and she's been an easy baby to look after so I think a relaxed but consistent approach to potty training will be good too.
  • DS was in underwear at 18 months and DD at 16 months. I started potty training (elimination communication) when they were able to sit unassisted so around 6 months. It's never too early to start!
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