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NBR-Please Help, Missing Person

I feel as if I'm taking a risk asking for this kind of help here, but a family friend of mine went missing as of Thursday the 30th.  It has been five days and there have been no leads, no findings, not even any sightings of his truck.  I feel so helpless living in Florida, but if any of you live on the West Coast, or have family or friends out West, please share this with them.

I went to school with him, was close friends with his older sister, and even dated his older brother for a couple of months. This family was like a second family to me and my heart is absolutely breaking that this is happening to them.

The details are: Ryan is bipolar and due to recent events in his life, went off his meds and left.  He didn't take his wallet, only his phone, and what the family fears, a firearm too.  His last cell phone "ping" was near Bend, Oregon, and they believe he might be heading to the coast.

All weekend there have been searches through the area, through the old logging trails and nothing has been discovered.

Please take a moment to check out the page his family has put together and share this with people.  Someone, somewhere has got to have seen him since Thursday.

Thank you.

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