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I used to be all high and mighty about how I was going to feed my LO but when it all came down to it, I'm just trying to do the best I can.  I started by making all his food.  Then once I tried one of the pouches and he loved it!  I thought I would NEVER let him suck the food out of the pouch because that's teaching him that we eat by sucking our food out of a bag and I didn't like the message that sent.  But of course, to get the food in, I let him suck it too.  He really enjoys it. Just wanted to know if anyone else does that and if it affects the way your LO eats other things.

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  • I thought people always had an issue with the smoothie pouches not the organic food ones.   I think all the organic baby food makers are switching to pouches anyway.  I don't let LO suck from the pouch, but I will give him pouch food with a spoon.  
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  • kangtini said:
     I don't let LO suck from the pouch, but I will give him pouch food with a spoon.  
    This.  We found a spoon that screws right on the end of a pouch.  But we really only use them when out and about.  Otherwise we do table food.  I don't think letting them suck from them is a big deal as long as it's only a once in a while thing and not the "norm".
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  • It's really no different from say, applesauce.  As long as he's being exposed to, and eating, things with texture and that he has to chew in addition to the pouches, I don't see it as a big deal at all.  My 3 year old still eats them on occasion but they're nothing more than a treat.
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  • I am not sure I see what the big deal is?  My older 2 still like the Happy Tot Spinach, Mango, and Pear - and they are so picky, they eat those a couple of times a week.  As long as your kid knows how to eat with a spoon, or feed themselves, why can't they suck the food out of the pouch?  My DD#2 just fed herself a pouch this morning along with a handful of cheerios.  Since I was getting the other kids their breakfast, unloading the dishwasher, getting the other 2 dressed, etc, it was so nice for me to have her feed herself!  
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  • I also don't think this is a big deal. It's not like they are going to refuse eating any other way. If it's healthy and convenient then do it. When you can, give them table food so that they learn to pick up and chew. For us, it's the only way DS2 will eat baby food, he hates being fed so I normally start him off with bits of what we are having for dinner and then end with a pouch so I know he's getting something since many times, the table food ends up in his lap more than his mouth! Plus, when we have soccer for DS1 or are out at an amusement park or something the pouches are SO convenient!
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