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Do you use the Superyard XT?

I'm looking for a way to contain my soon to be busy crawler in our living room so I can get a few things doen during the day and wonder if the NorthStates superyard is a good purchase. Anyone use one?
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Re: Do you use the Superyard XT?

  • We borrowed a superyard from a friend and it's been a great way to contain him so I can go to the bathroom, do laundry or grab a sandwich. You might consider checking craigslist or somewhere similar to see if you can get one cheaper.
  • I used it A LOT- worth the money IMO.  You can go to the bathroom- put a load of laundry in- etc. and DC is ok and safe.  We used it this year around our Christmas tree...we have a curious little boy.  It is now in the basement until baby #2 is ready for it! 



  • yes! ?we have this and it's a lifesaver. ?the bean doesn't care to be confined in it anymore, but now we use it to keep her out of stuff. ?presently, it's protecting the dog's pads and food/water bowls.
  • Great, I think we'll get one! Thanks.
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