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1st Trimester

Choosing a hospital.

Hey guys, I'm looking for advice. I work an hour from my house. Is it better to do a hospital closer to work or at home? There isn't really one between...
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Re: Choosing a hospital.

  • My choice was based on where my doctor had rights, which was only 2 hospitals.

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  • My first birth was a hospital birth (this one will be a birth center), but I chose the hospital based on the fact that it was 1. baby friendly (this is related to breastfeeding support if you are not aware of this initiative) and 2. it had the lowest c-section rate in my area. 
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  • All things being equal, I can only imagine you'd choose a hospital near work because you also chose a doctor near work for scheduling reasons.  However, consider the fact that if you were to be put on hospital bed rest or baby had issues and had to stay longer than you, etc. that then you are not living near the hospital.  Kind of a pain the ass.  I personally would recommend choosing a provider, and therefore a hospital, near home and if scheduling is an issue, try to get the first appointment of the day and then book it to work. 
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  • I have a choice of only 2 hospitals based upon where my OP can deliver. One is in my mother and grandmother's town and walking distance from their house. Neither of them drive so it was an easy choice for us.
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