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Are you using an insulin pen?

Last pregnancy I had the needles and had to refrigerate my insulin which was pain since I needed a shot every time I ate and was on the go.
I didn't know the pens existed and they seem so much more convenient since they also don't have to be refrigerated. Is there any reason I should not be able to go this route during pregnancy? If not, I'm going to request the pen this time

Re: Are you using an insulin pen?

  • That sounds good! Being able to keep one in my diaper bag without having to bring a cold-pack with needles etc will be much easier.

    How do you know if/when you need fast VS long acting? I only had one type of insulin last time
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  • It may depend on your insurance. I'm using the pens. Mine need refrigerated until I use them, but are good for 28 days at room temperature.
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  • I loved the pens. It's so easy to dial up how many units you need to take. The convenience of just throwing them in my purse with some needles was a plus too.
  • Some insurance companies don't cover the pens, but if yours does they are super convenient. I used them during both pregnancies and they were very easy.
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  • It also depends on the MFM you use. My last MFM didn't like putting GD ladies on pens because they only come in certain formulas. Last time I was on humulin (sp?) and NPH. Those did not come in pen form and that is what they wanted me to use.

    This time around I have my endocrinologist controlling my insulin (I'm a T2, not GD any more) and I'm using pens. I'm on NovoLog before meals (fast acting) and Levimir (long-lasting) at night to help my fasting numbers. Usually your doctor will tell you when to take which type of insulin and you'll likely get some education on the injections, regardless of if it is a pen or syringe.
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