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Elsa & Elisabeth

My husband and I have been just briefly tossing around a few names we both like to get ideas of options when this baby is born.  We both like Elisabeth quite a bit,  but recently my hubby said he really loves Elsa as well.  I like both of them, but we each have one that we prefer slightly over the other. 

Realizing this would be quite a bit in the future, do you think we could potentially have a daughter Elisabeth, and a daughter Elsa, or are they too close?  We pronounce both with very different "E" sounds, and they have a very different "feel" in my opinion, what are your thoughts?  TIA for feedback!

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Re: Elsa & Elisabeth

  • I love both especially Elsa, but I say they are too close for sisters especially considering that Elsie can be a nn for both Elisabeth and Elsa.

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  • Elizabeth and Elsa are a little too matchy for my taste. I really love Elsa. Elizabeth is just ok.
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  • Elsa and Elisabeth are too close. Elisabeth nn Elsa would be nice.

    I prefer Elsie over Elsa though.

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  • Way too close for sisters. I love Elisabeth - but if you love Elsa, it could always be a nickname.
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  • I agree those names are too close for sisters.

    Maybe you could use one as DD1's FN and one as DD2's MN? Example: Elizabeth Jane and Sophie Elsa. I don't think that would be too much unless Elsa becomes Elizabeth's NN. But the beauty of Elizabeth is the many lovely NN options. :)



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  • Like PP said, they're the same name. Even if they weren't, they're too similar.
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