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Thoughts on Amelia

Thoughts on Amelia Rae? It's our current girls name

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  • I like the name Amelia a lot. It's super popular in my circle, and it's shooting up the popularity charts. If that's not a factor for you, I think it's a great name.
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  • It doesn't really matter to us how popular it is. It's the only girls name dh and I can currently agree on lol!
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  • Love it but I'm biased. I get lots of compliments on my name though.
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  • Love it.
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  • Love Amelia, not so much Rae. I knew a girl in college with this name. Didn't like her much, so that may make me a bit biased.

  • Lol! Rae is a family name. No matter the gender the middle name will be Rae or ray
  • Beautiful!
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  • For some reason I can't like this name that much. I think it's the "meal" sound in it but it's a fine name just nms. I have seen it pop up a lot lately!
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  • tbug09 said:
    It doesn't really matter to us how popular it is. It's the only girls name dh and I can currently agree on lol!

    Well then it sounds like the name for you!

    It's a very nice name. I used to like it a lot more, but my enthusiasm has diminished because people were asking about it a lot around here when I was pregnant with DD1.

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  • I prefer Amalia instead of Amelia, but that's my DD's name.
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  • I ADORE Amelia. I hope to use it someday ;)

  • love it, it was on our top baby girl name list too
  • I really like it! It's not one DH likes so it didn't make it onto our short list, but I think it's a great name! 
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  • love.
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  • Since popularity doesn't bother you, I think it's perfect for you!
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  • Love it! Especially with MH Rae
  • Love. Our team green baby due in Nov will be Amelia Ruth.
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  • That's my niece's name. She is lovely, so I think it's a great name :)
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  • Not a Rae fan. LOVE Amelia. Was on our list :)
    (+ hers and his, ages 13 & 8)
  • I really want to like it but the -meal sound bothers me.
  • I like it. There was a Doctor Who quote where the Doctor said something like "Amelia is a brilliant name, like a fairy tale". I thought that was sweet and we considered it for this DD but it never grew on us and there wasn't enough personal meaning for us to use the name. 
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