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Cough/croup update

We just can't catch a break around here!  Quinn got "barkier" overnight so we called first thing to get an appointment with the pedi. Aiden's had a cough for weeks but no other symptoms but because I know how shit with kids works, I asked for him to be seen too because if I didn't I knew he'd be sicker tomorrow.  Quinn has a mild case of croup so they didn't medicate him but I'm glad we went because our pedi is on call through Monday and she'll meet us at the office if he gets sicker even if they're closed.  But Aiden it turns out has a mild ear infection and "junky lungs" so he's on meds.  In the last two weeks we've spent close to $200 on ER/doctor bills and medicine.  Yay.
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Re: Cough/croup update

  • I'm so sorry your boys are so sick! Hope you have a nice quiet weekend and their coughs get better!

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  • Oh no :( I hope they are both feeling better soon!

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  • Hope they feel better soon!
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  • Hope they feel better! DS had croup so much when he was little that every winter the doc would give us refills of the liquid steriod so that we could keep in in the house for middle of the night emergencies
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