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Almost a most glorious dream. (1DR)

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Dudes, DS just woke me up from what could possibly have been a fabulous dream.  It couldn't wait, I had to tell you!  It was another Harry dream.  (I don't know WHY I never get Lou in these dreams!  Come on!)

So for some reason the whole 1D gang came to watch this huge derby bout and Haz and I totes made eye contact from across the track.  Then there was this afterparty for all the derby girls and the guys were at that too for some reason.  (But I mean, if 1D is around you're gonna invite them to shit, right?)  So anyway, someone decides to snap a photo of our derby team with 1D and Harry squeezes in next to me and puts his arm around my shoulders.  And I'm all, "Wait, don't take the picture yet, I have to adjust my cleave!"  And I fluff my boobs up so my rack looks all impressive and shit.  Then Harry leans in really close to my ear and says, "They look very nice."  To which I reply, "I appreciate your kind words, sir.  You're such a gentleman."  To which HE replies, "I'm not always this gentle."


And then...cue DS crying.  ;alsdjfasjfrajrlaksng;jgadkj f;sdj



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Re: Almost a most glorious dream. (1DR)

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    That shit is great. I had my first Harry dream the other night. Thank you Parenting, I'm officially a 1D convert.

    So basically Harry and I were at this awesome water park. He held my hand and I was like ahhhh the paparazzi are totally getting this and I'm going to be in USweekly!!!!! And apparently I was still married, DH was home because I had just given birth to a 3rd son the day before yet I was rocking a bikini at the water park and was in no pain sloshing down those wet slides with Harry.

    The first thing I said to DH when I woke up was I'm in love with Harry Styles. He said, I don't know who that is.

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