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Would you avoid Arthur...

...if your MIL had a wicked thick Boston accent?

I've been thinking a bit about names for extremely hypothetical DS2, and I love Arthur. I particularly like it in a sibset with DS1 Atticus; both are men renowned in literature for their outstanding moral fiber.

But I can already hear her: "Aahthah! Ahhtie!"

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Re: Would you avoid Arthur...

  • That wouldn't deter me. My son is Everett and my IL's pronounce it like Eh-vert. It drives me crazy, but that's just how it works with their accents.

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  • She is just one person. I say use it. :)

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  • mh89mh89
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    Arthur and Atticus is a perfect sibset! Use it! :)
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  • Love it! Don't walk away just because of that!
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  • If you love it, use it. I've seen worse. For example - my sisters side of the family had a boy named Liam - it took me six months before I realized that was his name and not Limb. It drives me crazy (especially since my sister does not have a heavy accent, but was still pronouncing the way the rest of the family said it), but one of the aunts calls him Tree Limb as a nickname, which I found hilarious since I thought that's what his name was. But the parents pronounced it that way too, so I think if it's just one person, it's not a problem.
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  • Sweet-thanks guys!
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  • ObLaDi said:

    But I can already hear her: "Aahthah! Ahhtie!"

    Haha!! I'm a native Masshole myself, and this made me laugh! And I have an Uncle Aahthah!

    Use the name! It goes great with Atticus, you love it, go with it! I wouldn't let a wickid pissah Bawstin accent get in the way, LOL!

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